It’s a well known fact: custom tees provide an excellent way toMake money t shirt vector generate brand awareness.┬áBut why? How can that be? Why is it that cheap custom tee shirts work so well? Take a look.

Attention Spans Have Shrunk.

The attention span of the average human being has shrunk. According to a new study by Microsoft, the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds — the average from 2000 — down to a measly eight seconds. What’s sad about that is the fact that goldfish are believed to have attention spans of nine seconds.

Customized Shirts Can Quickly Deliver a Message.

Since the average attention span has shrunken so much, marketers need to have a way to quickly and effectively deliver a message, which is exactly what branded, custom tees can do. A logo, a brand name, and maybe a design on a tee shirt can quickly generate brand impressions that will stick with the audience, because people process information faster visually. According to PsyBlog, the human brains analyzes and stores visual information many times faster than anything else. As Pyschotactics points out, humans retain only 10% of what they read but up to 30% of what they see.

Branded Shirts Are Also Incredibly Cost Efficient.

Not only are branded, promotional shirts effective, they’re cost efficient, too. In fact, printed shirts average about 200 impressions per advertising dollar. So if you spend $500 making custom shirts, you’ll get your brand in people’s brains about 100,000 times, and you know people will wear your shirts. People love tee shirts. In fact, about 89% of people who wear them will wear one once a week.

Basically, custom shirts are a cheap way to get your brand’s name in people’s head before they lose their attention. If you have any questions about the marketing power of custom shirts, feel free to share in the comments.