How To Make a Cool Shoulder Bag From An Old Custom T-Shirt


My latest obsession is YouTube! I LOVE IT!  Ever since I got an Apple TV and can stream from my phone directly to the big screen I’ve gained ten pounds and have started an endless number of art projects.  I love being able to learn about anything at anytime and living voyeuristically through others.  Last night while I was “Tubing” I came across this cute lil girl  with a fun taste in music and  a brilliant idea for a t-shirt craft.  She turned an old custom t-shirt into what she calls a Pochette.  After she amazed me with that she took it up a notch and used some of the left over t-shirt fabric to make a flower embellishment for her t-shirt bag.  She tops it off by braiding some twine looking material to make a shoulder strap for the bag she constructed from an old custom printed t-shirt.  My favorite thing about this is the green aspect!  Nothing better than when someone can take an otherwise useless piece and turn it into something usable.  Go grab your favorite old screen printed t-shirt and get to stitching!

Brine Your Custom T-Shirt To Give It a Vintage Feel

So, if your like me you’ll first need to Google Brine.  I’ll save you the time and tell you that it’s a simply a water and salt mixture used to preserve vegetables, fruit, fish and and meat in a process known as brining.  How does this relate to custom printed t-shirts?  Well it’s simple.  We all love the feel of our favorite vintage t-shirt, and many would love to have their new screen printed t-shirts offer the same comfort.  Well there is a simple process that will give you the soft, vintage feel you are seeking on your custom t-shirt.  Follow the steps in the image above and enjoy the old feel to your new t-shirt.

Five Fun Ways to Recycle Custom T-Shirts

Everyone has one, two, or a hundred custom t-shirts that they don’t wear any longer but just can’t part with. The t-shirts sit there in our drawers day after day just hoping that one day they will once again feel useful. Today is that day! Grab your favorite old custom t-shirt and reinvent it! Here are some great tips on what do you with your custom t-shirt collection.
Instead of spending a dollar or two each time to need a grocery bag that is a bit stronger utilize one of your favorite custom t-shirts. Not only are you saving money, you will look way cooler! Click here to learn how to convert your custom t-shirt to a shopping bag.
Are you handy with a sewing machine and in need of sassy new clothing? Check out this collection for some great ideas of how to make your custom t-shirt into something a bit different. Click here to see some great recycled t-shirt fashion.
What’s cuter than a baby? A baby using a custom t-shirt as a diaper nappy. Click here to learn how to make a diaper nappy from a custom printed t-shirt.
What’s cuter than a baby in custom t-shirt diaper nappy? A dog in a recycled custom t-shirt. Yes, when you’ve outgrown your shirt’s you can pass them onto your best friend. Check out how to convert a human custom t-shirt to a great doggie t-shirt.
Make a bracelet or necklace form on old custom t-shirt sleeve. Quick and Easy! Find instructions for turning your custom t-shirt into a bracelet click here.
Just want some more custom t-shirts to cram in your drawer? Visit

Custom Printed T-shirts made easy!

Slyvia, the mini-maker from Make magazine’s Sylvia’s Maker Show demonstrates how to make screen printing easy……. or does she? While I truly admire this little girl and the craft shows she puts together, making custom printed t-shirts at home isn’t as easy as she makes it look. However, I want to share this video because it gives a basic idea of how screen printed t-shirts are created. Often customers ask why the cost per t-shirt goes down with and increase in quantity. As our little expert Slyvia demonstrates there is a lot of set up involved to make just one custom printed t-shirt. As such when screen printing it is most cost effective to print more than one custom printed t-shirt at a time. While getting your fingers all dirty and making a big ole mess can be fun creating your custom t-shirt on line is much easier. Using you can design and order your own custom printed t-shirt in minutes and have it delivered to your door. Hassel and mess free!

Custom Designed T-Shirts to Custom Designed Sleeves

Custom designed t-shirts have a way of making us look and feel good. Many t-shirts get worn and shoved in a drawer never been seen again. Other custom printed t-shirts have provided so much comfort that they have worked themselves into a special place in our heart. We find ourselves frequently running for the comfort of that particular t-shirt until it can’t be worn any longer. When that time comes there is still hope. Hello Rewind has found a way of pumping new life into old or new custom designed t-shirts. Send them your old custom printed t-shirt and they will turn it into a handy laptop sleeve. The best part is that by using this service to convert your custom t-shirt you will be helping women who were victims of human trafficking.
If you don’t have the funds to help out here are some do it yourself directions to transform your custom t-shirt into a trendy lap top sleeve.

Step 1: Pick a Custom Designed T-shirt from your collection. You will want to take to consideration where the custom design will ultimately end up and the thickness of the t-shirt it’s self.

Step2: Mark your custom printed t-shirt for cutting. This can be easily accomplished by placing the laptop under the t-shirt and trace around the bottom edge with a sharpie.

Step 3: Cut along the lines you have just drawn on your custom designed t-shirt. You can give or take a bit depending on how tight you would like the t-shirt to fit your laptop.

Step 4: Sew the two sides of your t-shirt closed and flip your custom designed t-shirt inside out. You now have a new custom designed laptop sleeve.

Take a moment to google this idea and you will find lots of suggestions on how to convert your custom T-shirt into a custom laptop sleeve. It’s a great way to reuse!

Quilt-T Soft

When I open my bottom dresser drawer the story of my life bulges out in various graphics printed on our favorite fabric, cotton. You too have that bottom drawer packed with old T-shits that you know will never be worn again. We would all love the extra space but can’t seem to part all the great memories these shirts represent. If you’re like me, most of them you couldn’t even wear if you really wanted too so why not do something useful with them? Make a quilt!
You can go about turning screen printed t-shirts into quilts one of two ways. There are a couple of websites out there that will do it for you. It seems pretty simple. Clean out that bottom drawer, mail the shirts to the company of your choice, and a short time later vola, you have a new custom quilt in the mail.
Now, if your more of the type that likes to put your own blood, sweat, and tears into quilting you can break out the thimble and go at it yourself. Visit our friends at for instructions on recycling your old t-shirts into a quilt. The site offers step by step instructions on how to make your custom t-shirts a blanket of memories.
No matter which process you use to recycle your old t-shirts you can be sure you will always be able to keep yourself warm with memories.

Get the Most out of Your Next Fundraising Event with Custom Shirt Printing –How you can use as a fundraiser

Selling shirts is a great way to fundraiser for sports teams, the local fire or police department, or a school club. T-shirts can be customized to say virtually anything and are something everyone uses. Also, when someone wears a t-shirt that represents a specific organization, it garners bonus publicity for that organization.

What better way is there to increase buzz for your club or team than to have people pay you to become walking billboards?

T-shirts are great because selling them can be one of the most convenient options available if organized properly. Websites like, an online custom t-shirt printing store, are great because they offer options specifically designed for t-shirt fundraisers.

It works like this: an organizer sets up an account, makes a profile, designs the t-shirt and sets the price. Then, when people want to buy the shirt, all they have to do is go to the website where there will be an online order form. To see a sample order form click here. With this form, the customer selects their size and style, and pays online. That way the organizer doesn’t have to worry about keeping track of money or running out of inventory. is paid a base amount per shirt and the difference between this base price and the price that the club or team has set for each shirt sale goes to that particular team or club. Therefore, the organization has control of their profits.

Another fun feature of websites like is that you can invite people to have a t-shirt design contest. This is a great program for religious/ church youth groups, and school teams/clubs. Not only will you help build excitement within the group by getting them involved in the design process, but the winning t-shirt design becomes the group’s official fundraising product as well!

Wanna have some fun? Check out this video on how to turn the money you make from custom t-shirts in fun origami shirts!