Everyone has one, two, or a hundred custom t-shirts that they don’t wear any longer but just can’t part with. The t-shirts sit there in our drawers day after day just hoping that one day they will once again feel useful. Today is that day! Grab your favorite old custom t-shirt and reinvent it! Here are some great tips on what do you with your custom t-shirt collection.
Instead of spending a dollar or two each time to need a grocery bag that is a bit stronger utilize one of your favorite custom t-shirts. Not only are you saving money, you will look way cooler! Click here to learn how to convert your custom t-shirt to a shopping bag.
Are you handy with a sewing machine and in need of sassy new clothing? Check out this collection for some great ideas of how to make your custom t-shirt into something a bit different. Click here to see some great recycled t-shirt fashion.
What’s cuter than a baby? A baby using a custom t-shirt as a diaper nappy. Click here to learn how to make a diaper nappy from a custom printed t-shirt.
What’s cuter than a baby in custom t-shirt diaper nappy? A dog in a recycled custom t-shirt. Yes, when you’ve outgrown your shirt’s you can pass them onto your best friend. Check out how to convert a human custom t-shirt to a great doggie t-shirt.
Make a bracelet or necklace form on old custom t-shirt sleeve. Quick and Easy! Find instructions for turning your custom t-shirt into a bracelet click here.
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