T-Shirt Guns and Gangs

We’ve previously shared with you the Custom T-shirt gun used by the 76ers to shoot promotional t-shirt to their audience.  Well it seems that gangs south of the boarder have found a new use for the old reliable t-shirt gun.  They are shooting drugs over the boarder with them!  Flaw in their plan?  Why yes, they forgot to have someone on the other side to receive the packages.  The custom t-shirt canisters where found by a local farmer and turned over to authorities.  Need to build your own T-shirt gun to blast your audience with promotional t-shirts our to jet bags of sunshine over the boarder?   Stay tuned!  We will be showing you how to build your own promotional t-shirt gun. 

Bohemian Rhapsody Singer in Cop Car Makes Court Appearance In Custom T-Shirt.

YouTube made another star!  Robert Wilinson was arrested on drunk driving charges and serenaded the officers all the way to jail with his rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody”!  On his day in court he represented himself wearing a custom t-shirt.

The court found Robert Wilkinson guilty of impaired driving and TheShirtPrinter.com finds him guilty of being brilliant!  We’d like to place those horns on his head elsewhere for getting behind the wheel while drinking but on all other accounts we like him!  And, we love it when we hear humorous stories of folks expressing themselves with custom printed t-shirts.  Need help expressing yourself?  We’d love to screen print a shirt for you!  Check out Roberts Wilkinson’s Bohemian Rhapsody Video below. 

Gangham Style T-Shirt

Ehhhhhhhhh Sexy T-shirt……… Wuppa Gangham Style!  We are hoping to receive some video from the group that ordered these custom marching band t-shirts!  The group of 150 members plans to perform Gangham Style wearing these ultra sassy screen printed t-shirts.  Visit TheShirtPritner.com and go Gangham Style with your custom t-shirt design!  Need just a single shirt with this design?  Just send us an email

Nike Not Trying To Cause Controversy

Nike says they are not trying to cause
controversy with their new line of Gold Digger t-shirts.  I believe them.  Everyone knows that if you create something
controversial it certainly won’t get free press and sell like hot cakes!  Last year Nike released a line of custom printed t-shirts that promoted illegal drug use and had “no idea” the shirts
would be perceived that way.  Now this
year, the Gold Digger t-shirts have got some lady Olympians chasing Nike with shovels.  They are not pleased with
negative stereotype associated with the term. 
So I’m guessing no Lady Olympians will be sporting Nike this year.   But I AM guessing the same youth who were
sporting last year’s controversial screen printed t-shirts will be doing the
same this year.

Remove Your Custom T-Shirt Sleeves PROPERLY!

This fella is known as Max No Sleeves!  At first glance I was giving my screen a WTH?!? look but after watching the whole video I decided I like this character on so many different levels!  And, there is truth and a need for what he speaks.  If your going to cut up your favorite screen printed t-shirt or customized hoodie to show off your guns then you’d better do it right.  Watch Max No Sleeves quick Tutorial to make sure that your custom t-shirt is cut properly so it will properly enhance your guns.  Design your own custom printed t-shirt to cut up at TheShirtPrinter.com 

Stupid Phone Calls

We encourage our customers to pick up the phone and call us if they are having troubles designing their custom t-shirt using our Design Lab, obtaining a quote via our Quick Quote, want more product information or just want to say hello and chat for a minute. We strive to have every customer hear our smile but some customers just make it easier than others.  Take these for example….

Example 1
TheShirtPrinter:  Hi Thank your for calling TheShirtPrinter.com.  How can we help you?

Caller:  Do you print t-shirts?

Example 2
TheShirtPrinter:  Hi Thank your for calling TheShirtPrinter.com.  How can we help you?

Caller:  Hi, I just placed an order and I made a mistake!  Can you help me?

TheShirtPrinter.com:  Yes, is it that you spelled stupid wrong?

Caller: I did?!?!

I know, not a gut buster but almost funny enough to screen print on a t-shirt.  For all your custom apparel needs visit TheShirtPrinter.com or feel free to give us a call!

Safety Shirt?

this hasn’t quite made a huge splash in the US but it’s all the rage in
China.  What is it?  It’s a custom printed t-shirt that gives the
illusion to passing cops that drivers are wearing their seat belts.  Clever! 
Why risk being safe when you don’t have to?  Personally I think the most marketable thing
about this custom printed t-shirt is that you will have a tourniquet handy
after your fly through the windshield.

My Custom T-shirt says “I’m a Loser”!

So this isn’t the first time this has happened but pointing out each time is kind of like saying “I told you so”. A Long Island man was arrested this week for a DWI. What tipped police off? Was it because the breathalyzer started beeping before it even got close to the guy? Was it because he slammed his car into a police cruiser? OR, was it his custom t-shirt that read “I’m a Drunk”? My guess is that it was all three. The custom printed t-shirt in its entirety said “I’m not an alcoholic, I’m a Drunk, Alcoholics go to meetings”. I’ll bet his court hearing will graduate him to an alcoholic as I’m sure AA meetings will be mandated. Think he will wear his fancy custom t-shirt to those events?

Custom Printed T-shirt makes one man a local celebrity

Old Fart is a term not taken so lightly by some of the elderly but Nick Pappas of Rehoboth Beach Delaware is so proud to be an Old Fart that he has fitted himself with an array of custom printed t-shirts that display the endearing term.
With a fart sounding button in hand Pappas can be found walking the boardwalk in his personalized t-shirt and custom hat that reads “Geezer Crossing” every afternoon.
“Children love the sound of the Fart Button” He says with a chuckle.
Living a longer healthier lifestyle is why the 80 year old started is walking routine several years back. He said it got boring really quick until he started utilizing his custom printed t-shirt to attract some conversation. Not only does the printed t-shirt attract conversation many stop him for a quick photo session. “My custom printed t-shirts make people laugh and smile” says Pappas.
“It all started with the custom printed t-shirt that read Old Fart from my daughter” claims Pappas. Now he is up to eight various custom printed t-shirts that are sure to bring a smile and chuckle from those who pass by.
Pappas’s daughter says that her father has always been the “pull my finger” kind of guy and says that over the years she has bought him many custom printed t-shirts that he and the whole family have enjoyed.
Pappas custom printed t-shirts have made him such a local celebrity that some have even begun dressing up like him for Halloween.
If you want to meet Nick Pappas he can be found rain or shine at around 3pm each day sporting one of his sassy custom printed t-shirts on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach Delaware!
Custom printed t-shirts are a great way to bring the lighthearted to life. Get yours today at TheShirtPrinter.com

How a selfie t-shirt helped solve a crime….

Nothing humors me more than bad criminals. Once again a custom printed t-shirt has helped solve a crime. A Charlotte North Carolina couple was pretty shaken up when two men broke into their home and shuffled them from room to room at gun point looking for valuables. The couple was not injured but was able to give a complete description of the gentleman. Most helpful in the description was a custom printed t-shirt that fell out of the burglar’s car as they fled from the crime. What was the big clue on the t-shirt you ask? The thieves’ picture! To add icing to the cake, the caption on the custom printed t-shirt read “Making Money is my Thang”. Hmmmm, maybe a t-shirt saying “Stealing Money is My Thang” or possible even a custom printed t-shirt saying “Proper English isn’t My Thang”. We know, he defiantly needs a t-shirt that says “Jail is My Thang”! For all your custom printed t-shirt needs, even if you’re a dumb criminal, please visit TheShirtPrinter.com