Old Fart is a term not taken so lightly by some of the elderly but Nick Pappas of Rehoboth Beach Delaware is so proud to be an Old Fart that he has fitted himself with an array of custom printed t-shirts that display the endearing term.
With a fart sounding button in hand Pappas can be found walking the boardwalk in his personalized t-shirt and custom hat that reads “Geezer Crossing” every afternoon.
“Children love the sound of the Fart Button” He says with a chuckle.
Living a longer healthier lifestyle is why the 80 year old started is walking routine several years back. He said it got boring really quick until he started utilizing his custom printed t-shirt to attract some conversation. Not only does the printed t-shirt attract conversation many stop him for a quick photo session. “My custom printed t-shirts make people laugh and smile” says Pappas.
“It all started with the custom printed t-shirt that read Old Fart from my daughter” claims Pappas. Now he is up to eight various custom printed t-shirts that are sure to bring a smile and chuckle from those who pass by.
Pappas’s daughter says that her father has always been the “pull my finger” kind of guy and says that over the years she has bought him many custom printed t-shirts that he and the whole family have enjoyed.
Pappas custom printed t-shirts have made him such a local celebrity that some have even begun dressing up like him for Halloween.
If you want to meet Nick Pappas he can be found rain or shine at around 3pm each day sporting one of his sassy custom printed t-shirts on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach Delaware!
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