Never, ever underestimate the marketing power of cheap custom tee shirts. After all, they’re one of the most cost efficient ways to increase brand awareness.

On average, branded tee shirts generate 200 impressions per advertising dollar, which means that for every dollar spent making cheap custom tees, as many as 200 people will be exposed to the brand.

Plus, those who are exposed to brand because of a custom tee are more likely to remember the brand. In one recent survey, 73.5% of respondents said that marketing through tee shirts was a more effective tactic than TV advertising.

While the benefits of using custom tees to market a company make it obvious why a company would use them, some brands are unsure how how to market their brands with custom tees.

Fortunately, it’s simple. Here are just two of the most common ways.

Employees Can Wear Branded Custom Tees as Uniforms.

One of the most common ways brands utilize tee shirts as part of their overall branding strategy is to use them as staff uniforms, and there are several benefits to it. First, employees become walking billboards for the brand. Whether they’re out on break or coming in for their shifts, their custom work shirts expose anyone around them to the brand. Second, it makes employees more efficient. If each individual is wearing a uniform, they’re more likely to feel like they’re on a team, and help each other out. Third, they help customers identify who your employees are, allowing them to get help if they need it. Uniforms are not only a form of marketing, but also customer service.

Custom Tees Can Be Given Away at Promotional Events.

If there are two things most people love, they’d be tee shirts, and free things. In one recent survey, some 62% of Americans said that they owned more than 10 tee shirts, and about 91% of them said that they have a favorite one. If a brand were to give a person something they undoubtedly would appreciate for free, they’d in turn begin to appreciate the brand itself.

It doesn’t matter how you use custom tees to market your company — be it through an employee uniform, through promotional giveaways, or both — what matters is actually using these excellent marketing materials to get the word out about your business.

If you have any questions about using tee shirts to market your company, feel free to share in the comments.