Custom TShirts Can Be a Powerful Branding Tool for Businesses and Charities

Screen printing, is a way of putting an image onto a
piece of fabric, was first popularized in China’s Song Dynasty, which lasted
from 960 to 1279 CE. Since that time, screen printing has been used on
everything from backpacks to custom tshirts. One of the most popular forms of
shirt printing can be seen whenever we turn on our favorite sports games. Since
the mid-20th century, custom screen printing for baseball, basketball, football,
and hockey teams has been extremely popular.
Customized t shirts are a great way to unify any group, a
business, charity, school, or family, in a fun, recognizable way. Since screen
printed t-shirts can be completed with the use of multiple screens, yielding
multi-color images and styles, absolutely anyone looking to define their brand
can benefit from custom tshirts. In the end, it is all about effective
Why is Branding Important?
According to Forbes, building a brand is important if you
want people to recognize your company easily. Consider Coca-Cola; their
branding, including their custom tshirts, was so successful that
“coke” has become the word used around the world to define any soda
with a brown color, regardless of its maker. That distinctive
“Coca-Cola” script that made the brand stick in everyone’s brain is
still in use today.
Part of the success of branding can be found in the way
our brains memorize information. According to PsyBlog, our brains analyze and
store visual information many times faster than anything else. As Pyschotactics
points out, we retain only 10% of what we read but up to 30% of what we see.
Who Can Benefit from the Branding Provided by Custom
Customized tshirts play two important roles in a business
setting. Firstly, they allow employees to be easily identifiable by every
customer. More importantly, arguably, are the effects that these shirts have on
brand recognition. Whenever your customers see anything with your logo on it,
whether it is your custom tshirts or hats, they will think of your business, no
matter where they are.
Charities and Other Organizations
Charity organizations can gain many of the same benefits
from custom tshirts and other branded clothing that other groups can. Consider
the famous pink ribbon campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. By using
custom tshirts and other methods, the pink ribbon, created by the Susan G.
Komen Foundation, has helped to raise more than $2 billion for breast cancer
research, according to
Vacationing Families
Of course, personalized t shirts aren’t just for those
looking to advertise their business or activism. Many families on vacation or
partaking in a group event choose to design custom t-shirts for all family
members. They make for an exceptionally unique piece of memorabilia
commemorating the event.

The fact is that anyone looking to gain some extra
attention can make great use out of custom tshirts. Businesses and charities
alike can take huge advantage of the branding opportunities offered by
customized work shirts. Families, for their part, can create a nifty reminder
of their time spent together. Whether for branding or memories, custom tshirts
are a great idea.

Three Easy Steps to Getting Great Custom T Shirts

that you want cheap custom made T shirts is one thing, but knowing how you want
those personalized T shirts to look is quite another. This article will help
you generate ideas for designing the perfect custom shirt for any occasion.
Whether you are only in need of custom T shirt printing, or are brainstorming
for custom sweatshirts, this guide will help you get the most out of cheap
custom made T shirts suppliers.
The first step is to generate ideas for T shirts
appropriate to their use.
  *   Commemorating An Event
If you are creating T shirts for a bachelor or
bachelorette party, or for a company team participating in a race, then your
main goal is to design a T shirt that stands out. Try to be clever. If this
shirt is for a company, then look for ways to play off of your company name,
logo, products, or services. If this shirt is for individuals, a popular but
relevant movie quote, a unique design, or even a picture of the person might be
  *   Sports Teams
With a sports team there are special considerations, as
you want the shirts or jerseys to look as professional and uniform as possible.
There is not a great deal of room for creativity in designing a sports jersey,
so you will mostly be concerned with the use of colors, the layout of the team
name and numbers, and placement of any logos or pictures that represent your
team or mascot. To get design ideas, look at other examples and pick and choose
the elements that you like best.
  *   Simple Identification
Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, school group, camps, or a
large family on vacation at an amusement park will want shirts that really
stand out. You might have custom shirts made for brand awareness, or as
uniforms for your place of business. In either case, choose a color that is
bright and easy to spot, or one that is appropriate to the company logo and
brand. Keep text to a minimum, and avoid the use of any detailed pictures or designs.
The second step is to determine who will create the
design, and how it will be translated to your cheap custom made T shirts or
If a logo, design, or picture needs to be created from
scratch, here are several ideas to help you get that accomplished.
  1.  Hold a contest.
  2.  Enlist the help of a local artist.
  3.  Hire a professional designer.
  4.  Find someone in the group or company with
artistic talents.
Online shirt design is a fairly simple process, and can
be the highlight of any online contest. Some printing companies will even
provide templates, clip art, and other tools so that even someone with modest
creative abilities can design a shirt.
The third and final step is to send your designs off to a
shirt printing service.

Your custom made shirts will likely be printed through a
screen printing process, which was first developed sometime between 960 and
1279 CE in the Song Dynasty. Mesh and ink blocks allow for logos, images, and
text to be transmitted to almost any kind of fabric. Remember these tips for
finding inspiration and creating your T shirt design, and thanks to modern
screen printing and digital technologies you will have those custom T shirts or
sweatshirts in no time at all.


I am often approached
by owners of small business who are interested in selling custom printedt-shirts to their community but have reservations about getting stuck with a
bunch of leftover shirts.  This is quite
possible and could end up being a loss for the business owner rather than a
revenue generator.  When creating acustom t-shirt order the business owner must guess how many shirts of each size
they will sell.  If they fail on this
calculation they could end up with a lot of merchandise they cannot sell.  So, how does one avoid this pitfall?   PRESALE! 
One of our more innovative customers, Geri McNeice, owner of ARoundJoy
at the HoopShack in Arlington Tx is doing just that!  She currently has her 4thAnniversary t-shirt available to her patrons on-line, once she has collected
the order she will then pass the order to us and receive exactly the number of
custom printed t-shirts she needs.  This
allows here to maximize her profit buy getting her volume discount and not
having any screen printed shirts leftover. 
If this is successful Geri hopes to start offering a t-shirt of the
month to her community.  No matter what
your business is, preselling your custom t-shirt designs and ideas is a great
way to maximize your profit!  


Edward Snowden’s
revelations inspired a web based graphic artist to create a parody of
the NSA’s logo which he then screen printed on to t-shirts.  The NSA says that these custom t-shirts
violate their intellectual property. Dan Mcall, the graphic artist and father
of three says he doesn’t want his kids to grow up in a world where a parody is
a violation of the first amendment.

Additionally, Mcall’s
business is creating logos for things that seem peculiar.  The logos are then placed on mugs, custom t-shirts, screen printed hoodies, etc. and sold. 
Because this is his livelihood he was more than willing to take a quick
stance towards the NSA. 

What the courts will
look at in this case is rather or not a reasonable person will recognize that
the logo is a parody and not the real thing. 
For more details watch the above video.

Cheap Custom Printed T-Shirts…. Getting What You Pay For!

When shopping for screen printed t-shirts it is important to
know who you are purchasing from.  When
comparing prices from one t-shirt company to another it may look like you are
comparing apples to apples but often lower prices mean lower quality.
Take the above t-shirt for example…. This was a free t-shirt
that was recently given to me.  It has
not been worn or washed yet notice all the cracking in the screen printed ink
from a simple stretch of the fabric.  Why
did this happen?  Most likely the person
in charge of purchasing selected the vendor with lowest price.  While to most that sounds like the logical
business savvy decision it wasn’t. 
Bottom line, everyone is in business to make as much money as
So where did the savvy business person go wrong?  Most likely they compared quotes, and all
companies were offering the same Gildan Brand T-shirt, and all were offering
pricing on a two color front design. 
Seems like apples to apples but the screen printing company with that “Great
Deal” still has to make money!  In this
situation they chose to spend less money creating the custom printed t-shirt by
using low quality screen printing ink and to save overhead on electricity they
did not keep their dryer set at the best temperature to properly cure the ink.  This way they produce a product that looks
just like the others but definitely won’t outlast the competition.
Now that you know a secret of the screen printing business
how can you avoid getting taken for a fool like the savvy business person who
thought they were making the best decision possible?  Get to know your printer!  Is your screen printing company an actualscreen printer?  Many of the on-line custom
t-shirt retailers are simply order takers that then outsource your custom
t-shirt order to a screen printer in your local area.  You are paying more, and the screen printers
receive less than if you had gone directly to them.  It’s important to purchase from screen
printers who actually own and use their own equipment.  This will assure you the better price and
most likely a higher quality product.   

The purpose of the custom t-shirt above is
promotional tool but most likely it won’t be worn by many due the low quality
of the screen printed logo.  Sometimes saving
a few pennies is not a savings at all. 

Custom T-Shirts for Small Businesses

Everyone knows that many small businesses don’t have deep
pockets.  But keeping staff looking clean
and professional is not the best place to cut corners.  Custom printed shirts offer many benefits to
small businesses.

T-shirts with logos conveys to your customers who the
employees are.  This is especially
important if your business is one that services the customer in their
home.  Nobody wants an unidentified
person at their door!  A screen printed
logo on the chest will put your customers mind at ease. 

Businesses that print their company name and information on
the back of t-shirts get the added benefit of their staff being walking billboards.
Most people wear their work clothes to and from work giving the employer the
perk of advertising while their staffers are at lunch or out running errands.

Custom printed apparel can also add an element of safety by
making employees who work in dangerous areas more visible.   Safety Green and Safety Orange t-shirts are
favorites among small business like general contractors and landscapers. 

Products like custom printed T-shirts and screen printed polos are the best solution to keep your uniform costs in check.  

Gildan T-Shirts are a GREAT Option for Screen Printing

The Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt is a favorite with those how
like to design their own t-shirts.  Not
only does Gildan offer a high quality t-shirt at an affordable price they are an
industry leader when it comes to color. 
Each year t-shirt lovers can look forward to a new pallet of colors to
utilize for their custom t-shirts
This past year Gildan added 28 new colors to their already
vast color pallet.  They looked to
nature, pop culture, and vital research to determine what screen printed
t-shirt consumers want.  They added
several antiqued and heather dyed shirts which have become very popular with
the younger market.  Colors like Coral
and Berry were some vibrant colors inspired by nature and will provide an
excellent pallet for many custom t-shirt designs.  The medical industry has been grateful for
the addition of Ciel Blue and Scrub Green. 
These are standards in the medical industry and work as a great back
ground to screen print company logos on.

As 2013 winds down we can soon look forward to a new pallet
of colors that will enhance the consumer’s ability to create custom t-shirts
that will be perfect for any occasion.  

Pick Custom Printed T-Shirts to Give Memento to All Your Team Mates

celebrities have taken a liking for printed casual t-shirts. A trendy t-shirt
with a unique slogan or logo has become a ‘cool’ selection especially among fashion
conscious youth. Even a lot of famous personalities, celebrities and players have
been spotted wearing trendy printed t-shirts at various events. If you are a
sports lover or a part of your sports team in your college, you definitely love
to wear custom printed shirts.
t-shirts can be worn during practice, exercise, and real game. If you have a
desire to make your coming match or sports event truly superb and unforgettable
for your whole team including player, coaches and mentors, pick matching customizedshirts.
personalized yet matching custom made t shirts can be an excellent souvenir for
every team member so that they will never forget about this sports event.  It not only gives a cool, fashionable look to you and your team-mates
but also help everyone to re-live the moments of sports match or trip whenever
they wish for.
for t-shirt screen printing service and design stylish customized shirts. A lot
of t-shirt printing companies are available to implement your ideas on shirts. With
technological advancements, you are now able to select color, size, slogan or print
for your tailor made t-shirts. Rely on a reputed t-shirt printing company that
specializes in high quality cheap t-shirt printing services.
to a reputed company whenever you come to know about your next sport event. It
will be great to add some inspiring slogans, logos of your team or college, on
the front side of t-shirts. Don’t forget to give a personalized touch to
t-shirts by adding name, nick name of players or any specific number on the
back side of every t-shirt. A logo can be printed on either sleeve of t-shirts.

if you really wish to give a printed t-shirt as a memento to all your team
mates and friends, place an order to personalized, trendy and custom t-shirts

Custom Printed T-Shirts- Favorite Pick Of Fashion Conscious Youth

There is always a fashion carnival going on in colleges because
everyone wants to look trendy and attractive with highly fashionable stuff. Trends
keep on changing every day, but custom made t-shirts is something that never
goes out of fashion. It is a favorite attire of today’s fashion conscious youth.
Today’s youth is fanatic about celebrities; they just love
to wear what is hot! However, sometimes it is not possible to find the same dress.
But when it comes to printed t-shirts, you can design your own.  Create custom printed t-shirts to get one which
is made only for you. Such t-shirts can help you to stand out in a crowd.  Our in-house experts can make your ideas a unique
t-shirt for you.
You can print your name, nick name, special number on your t-shirt.
Usually, custom t-shirt enthusiasts just love to have t-shirt with funny slogans.
Keep the memories of your youth alive with a printed t-shirt of all your
friends as a memento of school or college days or any special event including
sports, weddings, and class reunions. It is a great way to unify your whole crew.
Matching printed t-shirts can add an air of unity, excitement and delight in
your group.

on a company which holds expertise in offering cool, trendy and tailor made
t-shirts without exceeding your budget.  Go
online and choose your favorite color, design and size of t-shirts for you.

Three Benefits of Custom Printed T-Shirts!

Did you know that the word “serigraphy” is used to describe the process of screen printing as an art, and was first coined during the 1930s? Screen printing has been popular ever since, and has been used to print advertising messages on windows, logos on beer bottles, and most commonly nowadays, slogans and designs on t-shirts.

Here are just a few benefits and advantages you get when you design custom t-shirts for your group!

 1. Simple, cheap uniforms!
If you want simple uniforms, then you should design custom t-shirts for your employees. These are a great way to allow employees to be identifiable to customers, while feeling casual and comfortable. Plus, custom work shirts are an affordable way to give your employees a uniform look.

 2. Stay organized!
Choosing to design custom t-shirts are a great way for any groups or organizations to unify, as well as to keep track of children on school trips. When you design custom t-shirts, you can improve the morale of your group, and help facilitate the bonding process between members! Whether it be a summer camp, a church group, or just your kickball team, when you design custom t-shirts, you are helping to build a team by creating uniforms.

 3. Promotions!
When you design custom t-shirts with your company’s logo and give them away at promotional events, you create a walking billboard! Giving away screen printed t-shirts with your logo gives your website or company a maximum amount of publicity, as well as creating word-of-mouth buzz!

If you have any questions about cheap custom t-shirt printing, feel free to ask in the comments!