Screen printing, is a way of putting an image onto a
piece of fabric, was first popularized in China’s Song Dynasty, which lasted
from 960 to 1279 CE. Since that time, screen printing has been used on
everything from backpacks to custom tshirts. One of the most popular forms of
shirt printing can be seen whenever we turn on our favorite sports games. Since
the mid-20th century, custom screen printing for baseball, basketball, football,
and hockey teams has been extremely popular.
Customized t shirts are a great way to unify any group, a
business, charity, school, or family, in a fun, recognizable way. Since screen
printed t-shirts can be completed with the use of multiple screens, yielding
multi-color images and styles, absolutely anyone looking to define their brand
can benefit from custom tshirts. In the end, it is all about effective
Why is Branding Important?
According to Forbes, building a brand is important if you
want people to recognize your company easily. Consider Coca-Cola; their
branding, including their custom tshirts, was so successful that
“coke” has become the word used around the world to define any soda
with a brown color, regardless of its maker. That distinctive
“Coca-Cola” script that made the brand stick in everyone’s brain is
still in use today.
Part of the success of branding can be found in the way
our brains memorize information. According to PsyBlog, our brains analyze and
store visual information many times faster than anything else. As Pyschotactics
points out, we retain only 10% of what we read but up to 30% of what we see.
Who Can Benefit from the Branding Provided by Custom
Customized tshirts play two important roles in a business
setting. Firstly, they allow employees to be easily identifiable by every
customer. More importantly, arguably, are the effects that these shirts have on
brand recognition. Whenever your customers see anything with your logo on it,
whether it is your custom tshirts or hats, they will think of your business, no
matter where they are.
Charities and Other Organizations
Charity organizations can gain many of the same benefits
from custom tshirts and other branded clothing that other groups can. Consider
the famous pink ribbon campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. By using
custom tshirts and other methods, the pink ribbon, created by the Susan G.
Komen Foundation, has helped to raise more than $2 billion for breast cancer
research, according to
Vacationing Families
Of course, personalized t shirts aren’t just for those
looking to advertise their business or activism. Many families on vacation or
partaking in a group event choose to design custom t-shirts for all family
members. They make for an exceptionally unique piece of memorabilia
commemorating the event.

The fact is that anyone looking to gain some extra
attention can make great use out of custom tshirts. Businesses and charities
alike can take huge advantage of the branding opportunities offered by
customized work shirts. Families, for their part, can create a nifty reminder
of their time spent together. Whether for branding or memories, custom tshirts
are a great idea.