Cheap custom tees are an excellent way to market a brand, and thanks to social media, they have an even more incredible marketing impact. Here’s how.

Social Media Increases Their Audience Reach.

Between Facebook, Snapchat, Flickr, WhatsApp, and Instagram, social media users share a staggering 1.8 billion photos each day. The photos virtually never go viral, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t seen by hundreds — if not thousands — of the uploader’s followers, and if the uploader is wearing one of your branded tees, well, that’s hundreds more brand impressions generated for you. What’s also amazing is that custom tees also generate about 200 brand impressions per dollar spent, and that’s before taking the effect of social media into account.

Social Media Creates a Better Brand Image.

Every time someone wears one of your branded shirts, it’s as though they’re personally recommending your business or service to those hundreds of people seeing them wear your shirt on social media. That might not sound like a big deal, but consider the fact that a 2012 RewardSteam survey found personal recommendations to be the number one driver of consumer purchase decisions at every stage of the purchase cycle, across multiple product categories.

Social Media Can Act as a Platform to Sell Custom Tees.

You can also use social media as a platform to sell your cheap custom tee shirts, and why wouldn’t you? People love tees. In fact, 95% of Americans wear them — 89% of whom wear them at least once a week — so why not sell them? Facebook has options that allow you to link to your web store easily, allowing new followers to quickly get one of your shirts and generate more awareness for your brand. You could also reward followers who post and share photos of themselves in your branded tees, which builds better relationships with your followers, and can generate a real buzz.

Social media is a marketing godsend. If you use social networks the correct way, you can amplify the marketing power of your branded tees. You can generate several times more brand impressions. You can build a better brand image. And you can even use it as a platform to build a better relationship with your brand’s followers.

If you have any questions about how social media can complement your tee shirt marketing strategy, feel free to share in the comments.