How To Make a Cool Shoulder Bag From An Old Custom T-Shirt


My latest obsession is YouTube! I LOVE IT!  Ever since I got an Apple TV and can stream from my phone directly to the big screen I’ve gained ten pounds and have started an endless number of art projects.  I love being able to learn about anything at anytime and living voyeuristically through others.  Last night while I was “Tubing” I came across this cute lil girl  with a fun taste in music and  a brilliant idea for a t-shirt craft.  She turned an old custom t-shirt into what she calls a Pochette.  After she amazed me with that she took it up a notch and used some of the left over t-shirt fabric to make a flower embellishment for her t-shirt bag.  She tops it off by braiding some twine looking material to make a shoulder strap for the bag she constructed from an old custom printed t-shirt.  My favorite thing about this is the green aspect!  Nothing better than when someone can take an otherwise useless piece and turn it into something usable.  Go grab your favorite old screen printed t-shirt and get to stitching!

Custom T-Shirt Cannon In Action

According to our Google Analytics many were excited about the photo we posted of a huge promotional t-shirt cannon so we did a little more research and found a video of this cannon in action shooting custom t-shirts into the stands.  Watch the video above and see how far this puppy can shoot a custom t-shirt.  To design your promotional t-shirts visit

Bohemian Rhapsody Singer in Cop Car Makes Court Appearance In Custom T-Shirt.

YouTube made another star!  Robert Wilinson was arrested on drunk driving charges and serenaded the officers all the way to jail with his rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody”!  On his day in court he represented himself wearing a custom t-shirt.

The court found Robert Wilkinson guilty of impaired driving and finds him guilty of being brilliant!  We’d like to place those horns on his head elsewhere for getting behind the wheel while drinking but on all other accounts we like him!  And, we love it when we hear humorous stories of folks expressing themselves with custom printed t-shirts.  Need help expressing yourself?  We’d love to screen print a shirt for you!  Check out Roberts Wilkinson’s Bohemian Rhapsody Video below.