How to Design a Custom T-Shirt Using Adobe Ilustrator

This YouTuber put together an outstanding custom t-shirt video.  This video explains how to create a custom t-shirt using Adobe Illustrator.  She demonstrates how to create your custom t-shirt idea and prepare it for a screen printer.  One may find this method of creating a custom t-shirt challenging if they have never used Illustrator.  However, if you want to experiment Adobe does offer a 30 day free trial and you will find a pelthora of videos on how to use illustrator.  If you are not fluent in illustrator and do not want to experiment with this method of creating a customized t-shirt all is not lost! offers an online design lab that makes creating a custom t-shirt a snap!

How To Add Names & Numbers – Video Tutorial

Trying to create the perfect custom baseball jerseys?  Adding names and numbers to the back of your custom t-shirt is a snap at  Take a moment to watch this video on creating your on t-shirt.  As always if you still need assistance with your custom printed t-shirt please feel free to reach out to us at

Remove Your Custom T-Shirt Sleeves PROPERLY!

This fella is known as Max No Sleeves!  At first glance I was giving my screen a WTH?!? look but after watching the whole video I decided I like this character on so many different levels!  And, there is truth and a need for what he speaks.  If your going to cut up your favorite screen printed t-shirt or customized hoodie to show off your guns then you’d better do it right.  Watch Max No Sleeves quick Tutorial to make sure that your custom t-shirt is cut properly so it will properly enhance your guns.  Design your own custom printed t-shirt to cut up at 

Custom Printed T-shirts made easy!

Slyvia, the mini-maker from Make magazine’s Sylvia’s Maker Show demonstrates how to make screen printing easy……. or does she? While I truly admire this little girl and the craft shows she puts together, making custom printed t-shirts at home isn’t as easy as she makes it look. However, I want to share this video because it gives a basic idea of how screen printed t-shirts are created. Often customers ask why the cost per t-shirt goes down with and increase in quantity. As our little expert Slyvia demonstrates there is a lot of set up involved to make just one custom printed t-shirt. As such when screen printing it is most cost effective to print more than one custom printed t-shirt at a time. While getting your fingers all dirty and making a big ole mess can be fun creating your custom t-shirt on line is much easier. Using you can design and order your own custom printed t-shirt in minutes and have it delivered to your door. Hassel and mess free!

T-shirt War Commercial

Remember the T-shirt war guys that used 222 custom t-shirts and made a most entertaining video? Well they are back with more of their t-shirt shenanigans and brought to you by no other than McDonald’s.

Check out this video and see the creative use of their t-shirt collection. Thanks for checking out Blog

How to fold your custom printed tees …… With LEGOS??

If you take a moment to Google “folding custom t-shirts” you may be surprised at what you will find. I found that there are a lot of people out there with way to much free time. There have been many cheap custom t-shirt folding devices created and even tee shirt folding competitions. The contraption below takes the cake. This individual made a robotic custom printed t-shirt folding machine. I’m guessing by the Logitech box used and the custom printed tee shirt saying Stanford Engineering that this was just some weekend fun for this guy.

Be sure to visit for all your cheap custom printed t-shirt needs.

T-shirt war……. I’m blown away!

This video took 222 custom designed t-shirts, 2 days and one fire extinguisher to make. Bravo to these gentlemen for their creative use of custom printed t-shirts to create an incredibly entertaining video.

This video may inspire you to order one of your own custom designed t-shirts. If nothing else it will help get the creative wheels turning so that you can design your own custom t-shirt at

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