Slyvia, the mini-maker from Make magazine’s Sylvia’s Maker Show demonstrates how to make screen printing easy……. or does she? While I truly admire this little girl and the craft shows she puts together, making custom printed t-shirts at home isn’t as easy as she makes it look. However, I want to share this video because it gives a basic idea of how screen printed t-shirts are created. Often customers ask why the cost per t-shirt goes down with and increase in quantity. As our little expert Slyvia demonstrates there is a lot of set up involved to make just one custom printed t-shirt. As such when screen printing it is most cost effective to print more than one custom printed t-shirt at a time. While getting your fingers all dirty and making a big ole mess can be fun creating your custom t-shirt on line is much easier. Using you can design and order your own custom printed t-shirt in minutes and have it delivered to your door. Hassel and mess free!