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The technique of screen printing, or serigraphy, dates back to the Song Dynasty during the first century AD. In its most basic form, screen printing is achieved by transferring a stenciled image to woven material via an ink block. While the screen printing technique did spread across other parts of Asia, Europeans did not learn of it until the late 1700s.

Over the next couple of centuries, screen printers attempted to improve the screen printing process by experimenting with different materials and chemicals like chromate, diochromate, potassium, sodium, gelatin compounds, and various glues. In the 1930s, a group of screen print designers came together to form a group called the National Serigraphic Society. It is from the name of this group that the word “serigraphy” was coined.

The process of creating custom design t-shirts usually involves a basic cotton t-shirt, screen printing ink, and a “flat bed” screen press. Cotton is the material of choice because it stands up to repeated washing and holds ink well. The application of an image occurs when a rubber blade called a “squeegee” pumps ink through the fabric via capillary action. The result is an exact reproduction of a stenciled image. This same process can also be applied to thicker cotton material, such as the fabric used to create customized hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. Screen printed t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies are perhaps the most popular types of casual clothing today, particularly among youth. While customized sweatshirts and customized hoodies are not worn by every kid, it is easy and cheap to order or create and design custom t-shirts online

Build Your Own Custom T-Shirt Cannon

Custom T-shirt cannons are a great way to dispense promotional t-shirts to your audience  Rather you are sending your screen printed shirts to the rowdy crowd at a sporting event or to eager parade spectators a custom t-shirt cannon is the best way to do it.  We have compiled a few list of on-line sources for how to build your own t-shirt gun.  Check em out  and have fun.  Need help filling your t-shirt gun with promotional t-shirts?  Contact TheShirtPrinter.com for all your custom apparel needs.


T-Shirt Guns and Gangs

We’ve previously shared with you the Custom T-shirt gun used by the 76ers to shoot promotional t-shirt to their audience.  Well it seems that gangs south of the boarder have found a new use for the old reliable t-shirt gun.  They are shooting drugs over the boarder with them!  Flaw in their plan?  Why yes, they forgot to have someone on the other side to receive the packages.  The custom t-shirt canisters where found by a local farmer and turned over to authorities.  Need to build your own T-shirt gun to blast your audience with promotional t-shirts our to jet bags of sunshine over the boarder?   Stay tuned!  We will be showing you how to build your own promotional t-shirt gun. 

Brine Your Custom T-Shirt To Give It a Vintage Feel

So, if your like me you’ll first need to Google Brine.  I’ll save you the time and tell you that it’s a simply a water and salt mixture used to preserve vegetables, fruit, fish and and meat in a process known as brining.  How does this relate to custom printed t-shirts?  Well it’s simple.  We all love the feel of our favorite vintage t-shirt, and many would love to have their new screen printed t-shirts offer the same comfort.  Well there is a simple process that will give you the soft, vintage feel you are seeking on your custom t-shirt.  Follow the steps in the image above and enjoy the old feel to your new t-shirt. TheShirtPrinter.com

Most Expensive T-Shirt EVER!!!!

Andy Murray 

Andy Murray fell into our radar this week when his t-shirt sold for $13,500.  Murray ended Great Britain’s 76 year dry spell by winning the US Open in September thus bringing such a high price tag for his autographed, and hopefully freshly laundered t-shirt.  What the person who purchased this shirt probably didn’t know is that he could have got an additional 4200 custom t-shirts at TheShirtPrinter.com for the same price!  And, we won’t even scribble our names on them, unless of course that is what our customer desires on their custom printed t-shirt.

Custom T-Shirt Cannon In Action

According to our Google Analytics many were excited about the photo we posted of a huge promotional t-shirt cannon so we did a little more research and found a video of this cannon in action shooting custom t-shirts into the stands.  Watch the video above and see how far this puppy can shoot a custom t-shirt.  To design your promotional t-shirts visit TheShirtPritner.com.

Bohemian Rhapsody Singer in Cop Car Makes Court Appearance In Custom T-Shirt.

YouTube made another star!  Robert Wilinson was arrested on drunk driving charges and serenaded the officers all the way to jail with his rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody”!  On his day in court he represented himself wearing a custom t-shirt.

The court found Robert Wilkinson guilty of impaired driving and TheShirtPrinter.com finds him guilty of being brilliant!  We’d like to place those horns on his head elsewhere for getting behind the wheel while drinking but on all other accounts we like him!  And, we love it when we hear humorous stories of folks expressing themselves with custom printed t-shirts.  Need help expressing yourself?  We’d love to screen print a shirt for you!  Check out Roberts Wilkinson’s Bohemian Rhapsody Video below. 

Dr. Seuss & Hot Tamales!

As a custom t-shirt company we often have our finger on the pulse of great events happening around the country and here in our own community.  So instead of talking about t-shirts we are going to highlight a couple of non t-shirt events happening in Arlington Tx.

CATS, otherwise know as Creative Arts Theatre & School is presenting A Seussified Christmas Carol!  The show runs December 7-22.  Going to this event will not only energize your Christmas Spirit it will help support an outstanding organization that has had a rather rough year.  A few months ago the Theater was ravaged by fire but that didn’t stop their desire!  They picked themselves up, straightened their hats, wiped away the ashes and bandaged their gashes.  They put together a new show in hopes that you will go, and see that all that the fire gave them was a brighter glow!  Don’t let my lame attempt at Seussifing this message discourage you, check out more info at creativearts.org

Also in the news is The Dance Theatre of Arlington!  They are hosting a fundraiser that you just cant resist.  Tamales are 2.5 dozen per pack for $15.00!  That’s a DEAL!  They will be delivered frozen but can be thawed and served for dinner that night or set aside to munch on over the holidays!  For more information on this or to place your order please email the coordinator.  Hurry orders must be received by December 10th.

Thank you for reading and please remember TheShirtPrinter.com for all your custom apparel needs.

TheShirtPritner.com, A Company That Doesn’t Care!


A Kentucky based t-shirt company known as Hands on Originals
or the Chick-Fil-A of T-shirts, refused an order from a Gay and Lesbian
Services Organization to print the above custom t-shirt.  Hands on Originals stated that they are a
Christian company who did not support the t-shirts message.  The Gay and Lesbian Group filed a case with
the Lexington – Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission.  While an agreement between Hands On and the
Gay and Lesbian Group has not been reached it appears that the commission has
found Hands on Originals guilty of violating the city’s fairness organization.  At TheShirtPrinter.com we can assure you that
we will never turn away any custom t-shirt order based on our customer beliefs.  We are not moral police; we are non-judgmental
screen printers who believe that everyone has the right to express
themselves.  For help with your customprinted t-shirt order reach out to us at TheShirtPrinter.com.

Nike Not Trying To Cause Controversy

Nike says they are not trying to cause
controversy with their new line of Gold Digger t-shirts.  I believe them.  Everyone knows that if you create something
controversial it certainly won’t get free press and sell like hot cakes!  Last year Nike released a line of custom printed t-shirts that promoted illegal drug use and had “no idea” the shirts
would be perceived that way.  Now this
year, the Gold Digger t-shirts have got some lady Olympians chasing Nike with shovels.  They are not pleased with
negative stereotype associated with the term. 
So I’m guessing no Lady Olympians will be sporting Nike this year.   But I AM guessing the same youth who were
sporting last year’s controversial screen printed t-shirts will be doing the
same this year.