Edward Snowden’s
revelations inspired a web based graphic artist to create a parody of
the NSA’s logo which he then screen printed on to t-shirts.  The NSA says that these custom t-shirts
violate their intellectual property. Dan Mcall, the graphic artist and father
of three says he doesn’t want his kids to grow up in a world where a parody is
a violation of the first amendment.

Additionally, Mcall’s
business is creating logos for things that seem peculiar.  The logos are then placed on mugs, custom t-shirts, screen printed hoodies, etc. and sold. 
Because this is his livelihood he was more than willing to take a quick
stance towards the NSA. 

What the courts will
look at in this case is rather or not a reasonable person will recognize that
the logo is a parody and not the real thing. 
For more details watch the above video.