I am often approached
by owners of small business who are interested in selling custom printedt-shirts to their community but have reservations about getting stuck with a
bunch of leftover shirts.  This is quite
possible and could end up being a loss for the business owner rather than a
revenue generator.  When creating acustom t-shirt order the business owner must guess how many shirts of each size
they will sell.  If they fail on this
calculation they could end up with a lot of merchandise they cannot sell.  So, how does one avoid this pitfall?   PRESALE! 
One of our more innovative customers, Geri McNeice, owner of ARoundJoy
at the HoopShack in Arlington Tx is doing just that!  She currently has her 4thAnniversary t-shirt available to her patrons on-line, once she has collected
the order she will then pass the order to us and receive exactly the number of
custom printed t-shirts she needs.  This
allows here to maximize her profit buy getting her volume discount and not
having any screen printed shirts leftover. 
If this is successful Geri hopes to start offering a t-shirt of the
month to her community.  No matter what
your business is, preselling your custom t-shirt designs and ideas is a great
way to maximize your profit!