Did you know that the word “serigraphy” is used to describe the process of screen printing as an art, and was first coined during the 1930s? Screen printing has been popular ever since, and has been used to print advertising messages on windows, logos on beer bottles, and most commonly nowadays, slogans and designs on t-shirts.

Here are just a few benefits and advantages you get when you design custom t-shirts for your group!

 1. Simple, cheap uniforms!
If you want simple uniforms, then you should design custom t-shirts for your employees. These are a great way to allow employees to be identifiable to customers, while feeling casual and comfortable. Plus, custom work shirts are an affordable way to give your employees a uniform look.

 2. Stay organized!
Choosing to design custom t-shirts are a great way for any groups or organizations to unify, as well as to keep track of children on school trips. When you design custom t-shirts, you can improve the morale of your group, and help facilitate the bonding process between members! Whether it be a summer camp, a church group, or just your kickball team, when you design custom t-shirts, you are helping to build a team by creating uniforms.

 3. Promotions!
When you design custom t-shirts with your company’s logo and give them away at promotional events, you create a walking billboard! Giving away screen printed t-shirts with your logo gives your website or company a maximum amount of publicity, as well as creating word-of-mouth buzz!

If you have any questions about cheap custom t-shirt printing, feel free to ask in the comments!