Everyone knows that many small businesses don’t have deep
pockets.  But keeping staff looking clean
and professional is not the best place to cut corners.  Custom printed shirts offer many benefits to
small businesses.

T-shirts with logos conveys to your customers who the
employees are.  This is especially
important if your business is one that services the customer in their
home.  Nobody wants an unidentified
person at their door!  A screen printed
logo on the chest will put your customers mind at ease. 

Businesses that print their company name and information on
the back of t-shirts get the added benefit of their staff being walking billboards.
Most people wear their work clothes to and from work giving the employer the
perk of advertising while their staffers are at lunch or out running errands.

Custom printed apparel can also add an element of safety by
making employees who work in dangerous areas more visible.   Safety Green and Safety Orange t-shirts are
favorites among small business like general contractors and landscapers. 

Products like custom printed T-shirts and screen printed polos are the best solution to keep your uniform costs in check.