Silly Criminals

We at always appreciate a dumb criminal story involving t-shirts. Recently the owner of the Chick Shack arrived at work to a smashed window, missing money, beer, and custom printed t-shirts. Fortunately a Tampa resident witnessed the crime and was able to give some critical details to police. The two thieves were found a short time later drunk and trying to sell the Chicken Shacks custom printed t-shirts.
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Custom Printed T-shirts Help Keep Austin Weird

While the police won’t bother Leslie, the iconic cross dresser of Austin for walking down the street in a jock strap, t-shirt and smile they may arrest one for just a wearing a custom printed t-shirt. Lance Mitchell is a man with a mission and a t-shirt. This Lakeway resident is tired of police speed traps and has used the power of the t-shirt to battle it. However, that t-shirt ended him in some hot water. Mitchell was arrested for sporting his custom printed t-shirt that read Are t-shirts illegal or is it illegal to use the first amendment and display your views on a t-shirt? No. But the police found a little loophole to arrest Mitchell who was apparently making a dent in their speed ticket revenue by setting up camp ahead of speed traps and warning drivers. Mitchell was arrested for displaying a sign that drivers might mistake for an official traffic-control device. I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen any traffic sign printed on a t-shirt. Mitchell was fined and later sued the city receiving a confidential settlement. Bravo Lance for a great use of the custom printed t-shirt! If you’re ready to shake things up stop by and custom design a shirt of your own.

T-shirt War Commercial

Remember the T-shirt war guys that used 222 custom t-shirts and made a most entertaining video? Well they are back with more of their t-shirt shenanigans and brought to you by no other than McDonald’s.

Check out this video and see the creative use of their t-shirt collection. Thanks for checking out Blog

Is having to many custom printed t-shirts a sickness?

While browsing the internet to find some exciting t-shirt news I discovered a new type of hoarder. The T-Shirt hoarder! This thread discusses rather or not having too many cheap t-shirts is an illness or not. We here at believe that custom printed t-shirts contribute greatly to ones quality of life. T-shirts provide comfort, security and most importantly one of our basic needs, to be kept clothed. These custom printed t-shirt hoarders not only hoard t-shirt but apparently enjoy hoarding hoodies as well. Another interesting fact is that once the t-shirt hoarder has run out of room or out grown their cheap t-shirt collection they begin to make various things such as quilts to extend the life of their precious t-shirts. We think this is fantastic and encourage you to visit and continue your cheap custom printed t-shirt hoarding! HOARD ON!!!!

How to fold your custom printed tees …… With LEGOS??

If you take a moment to Google “folding custom t-shirts” you may be surprised at what you will find. I found that there are a lot of people out there with way to much free time. There have been many cheap custom t-shirt folding devices created and even tee shirt folding competitions. The contraption below takes the cake. This individual made a robotic custom printed t-shirt folding machine. I’m guessing by the Logitech box used and the custom printed tee shirt saying Stanford Engineering that this was just some weekend fun for this guy.

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Custom Tee Shirt Printing for all Occasions! Even for your DUI???

Yes that is right; developments in technology have made it easy to create cheap custom printed t shirts for all occasions. T shirt printing is no longer just for bachelorette parties, fraternity gatherings, Church socials, and family reunions. One can use custom tee shirt printing to dress for a DUI. Just ask 50 year old James J. Johnson who apparently didn’t like his wardrobe selection for his first three DUI’s so he took it up a notch this time sporting a shirt that says “I have a drinking problem”. When police arrived, at a house Johnson had crashed into they asked him why his breath smelled like booze, and he told them his brother had been drinking, but not him. Johnson was in the truck with only his dog. Maybe his dog should have had some custom t shirt printing of his own done. Something like “I’m with Stupid”.
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T-shirt war……. I’m blown away!

This video took 222 custom designed t-shirts, 2 days and one fire extinguisher to make. Bravo to these gentlemen for their creative use of custom printed t-shirts to create an incredibly entertaining video.

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Use to Get Your Man!

Florida State University psychological scientists have recently discovered that men are particularly attracted to natural odors emitted by females during ovulation. Women were asked to wear t-shirts during different phases of their menstrual cycle and the t-shirts were later sniffed by men. The t-shirts caused a significant spike in testosterone levels.

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Creating Custom Printed T-shirts Is So Easy & Affordable That Everyone Can Have Their Own

Apparently no one has shared this information with Sarah Palin’s family. Daughter Bristol, Granddaddy Todd and Grandma Sarah were all spotted on their Hawaiian vacation sporting the same t-shirt. The t-shirt shows up on different people but never at the same time. This leads us to believe that this must be a “family” t-shirt. Who knows? Maybe they were trying to avoid carryon luggage or maybe they just don’t know how easy it is to design your own custom t-shirt at

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