While the police won’t bother Leslie, the iconic cross dresser of Austin for walking down the street in a jock strap, t-shirt and smile they may arrest one for just a wearing a custom printed t-shirt. Lance Mitchell is a man with a mission and a t-shirt. This Lakeway resident is tired of police speed traps and has used the power of the t-shirt to battle it. However, that t-shirt ended him in some hot water. Mitchell was arrested for sporting his custom printed t-shirt that read SpeedTrapAhead.org. Are t-shirts illegal or is it illegal to use the first amendment and display your views on a t-shirt? No. But the police found a little loophole to arrest Mitchell who was apparently making a dent in their speed ticket revenue by setting up camp ahead of speed traps and warning drivers. Mitchell was arrested for displaying a sign that drivers might mistake for an official traffic-control device. I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen any traffic sign printed on a t-shirt. Mitchell was fined and later sued the city receiving a confidential settlement. Bravo Lance for a great use of the custom printed t-shirt! If you’re ready to shake things up stop by TheShirtPritner.com and custom design a shirt of your own.