Nothing humors me more than bad criminals. Once again a custom printed t-shirt has helped solve a crime. A Charlotte North Carolina couple was pretty shaken up when two men broke into their home and shuffled them from room to room at gun point looking for valuables. The couple was not injured but was able to give a complete description of the gentleman. Most helpful in the description was a custom printed t-shirt that fell out of the burglar’s car as they fled from the crime. What was the big clue on the t-shirt you ask? The thieves’ picture! To add icing to the cake, the caption on the custom printed t-shirt read “Making Money is my Thang”. Hmmmm, maybe a t-shirt saying “Stealing Money is My Thang” or possible even a custom printed t-shirt saying “Proper English isn’t My Thang”. We know, he defiantly needs a t-shirt that says “Jail is My Thang”! For all your custom printed t-shirt needs, even if you’re a dumb criminal, please visit