We all have a drawer or four full of old custom printed t-shirts that may never see the light of day again unless we find a good use for them. It the past we have recommended utilizing your old printed t-shirts for quilts, to make a bag, a lap top sleeve and even a baby sling. There are endless of opportunities for the crafty but, what about the not so crafty? What are they to do with their vast collection of cool vintage t-shirts? They could participate in a T-shirt Swap! A t-shirt swap is an event, usually tied to a charity that asks people to donate an old or new t-shirt that someone else may take a liking to. If you donate 2 old t-shirts you are allowed to take one t-shirt for yourself. Don’t want to donate a couple of your precious custom printed t-shirts? You can still add to your t-shirt collection for only 5.00 a t-shirt! What happens to all the leftover custom printed t-shirts? They are donated to good causes such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Don’t forget to visit TheShirtPrinter.com for all your custom printed t-shirt needs.