Custom designed t-shirts have a way of making us look and feel good. Many t-shirts get worn and shoved in a drawer never been seen again. Other custom printed t-shirts have provided so much comfort that they have worked themselves into a special place in our heart. We find ourselves frequently running for the comfort of that particular t-shirt until it can’t be worn any longer. When that time comes there is still hope. Hello Rewind has found a way of pumping new life into old or new custom designed t-shirts. Send them your old custom printed t-shirt and they will turn it into a handy laptop sleeve. The best part is that by using this service to convert your custom t-shirt you will be helping women who were victims of human trafficking.
If you don’t have the funds to help out here are some do it yourself directions to transform your custom t-shirt into a trendy lap top sleeve.

Step 1: Pick a Custom Designed T-shirt from your collection. You will want to take to consideration where the custom design will ultimately end up and the thickness of the t-shirt it’s self.

Step2: Mark your custom printed t-shirt for cutting. This can be easily accomplished by placing the laptop under the t-shirt and trace around the bottom edge with a sharpie.

Step 3: Cut along the lines you have just drawn on your custom designed t-shirt. You can give or take a bit depending on how tight you would like the t-shirt to fit your laptop.

Step 4: Sew the two sides of your t-shirt closed and flip your custom designed t-shirt inside out. You now have a new custom designed laptop sleeve.

Take a moment to google this idea and you will find lots of suggestions on how to convert your custom T-shirt into a custom laptop sleeve. It’s a great way to reuse!