Selling shirts is a great way to fundraiser for sports teams, the local fire or police department, or a school club. T-shirts can be customized to say virtually anything and are something everyone uses. Also, when someone wears a t-shirt that represents a specific organization, it garners bonus publicity for that organization.

What better way is there to increase buzz for your club or team than to have people pay you to become walking billboards?

T-shirts are great because selling them can be one of the most convenient options available if organized properly. Websites like, an online custom t-shirt printing store, are great because they offer options specifically designed for t-shirt fundraisers.

It works like this: an organizer sets up an account, makes a profile, designs the t-shirt and sets the price. Then, when people want to buy the shirt, all they have to do is go to the website where there will be an online order form. To see a sample order form click here. With this form, the customer selects their size and style, and pays online. That way the organizer doesn’t have to worry about keeping track of money or running out of inventory. is paid a base amount per shirt and the difference between this base price and the price that the club or team has set for each shirt sale goes to that particular team or club. Therefore, the organization has control of their profits.

Another fun feature of websites like is that you can invite people to have a t-shirt design contest. This is a great program for religious/ church youth groups, and school teams/clubs. Not only will you help build excitement within the group by getting them involved in the design process, but the winning t-shirt design becomes the group’s official fundraising product as well!

Wanna have some fun? Check out this video on how to turn the money you make from custom t-shirts in fun origami shirts!