Need a great new idea to top last year’s family reunion? Consider having custom t-shirts printed. Custom t-shirts are a really cute idea for family reunions and holidays spent together because they demonstrate familial unity, are fun to wear, and prove useful when you forget what the name of Aunt Mabel’s third husband is.

Having custom t-shirts or custom sweatshirts printed for the entire, extended family may seem like too much (or too expensive) of a hassle. Surprise! It’s actually remarkably affordable. Screen printing, the most common form of shirt printing, requires minimal labor and is easy to do in large batches.

It’s also a great option because it’s so easy to organize. Find an online shirt printing company that offers a design lab where you can create your own shirt template. Set up a profile and secure web address. Then email the link to everyone in the family so they can place their own orders. This way, no one person is in charge of money management and you don’t have to worry about running out of a certain size. You might have to help Grandma order hers, but setting up an online account is quick and easy, takes all the pressure off you, creates a fun, unified theme for the reunion and allows everyone to be happy with their sizes and colors.

At, group orders can be set up in any one of the following ways:

As a Custom Group Order Form that includes a set price per t-shirt and a minimum order of 20 items.

Or, as a Fundraising Order Form which allows you to set the retail price for t-shirts, sweatshirts or any other custom print order. With this option, groups and sports teams will receive the difference in price for what charges from the custom-set retail price of each garment. A minimum order of 75 pieces must be met.

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