If you are wanting to design hoodies for a
sports team or even just yourself, check out for tips and
cool ways to design your own hoodie.

The art of screen printing uses woven mesh
fitted over a frame and ink blocks to neatly and easily apply images onto
fabric to create sharp, polished looking apparel. As a result, custom t shirt
can be created for just about any occasion — be they custom team shirts for
your recreational sports league, custom work shirts for your employees, or
cool, customized shirts for going-away presents or some other occasion.

But why stick with just regular old shirts
when screen printing services offer a wide variety of apparel? Hoodies, in
particular, are an excellent choice of apparel to have screen printed, for a
number of reasons. They last longer and they’re more likely to be worn and
seen, which means people will get more use out of them.

The biggest advantage of customized hoodies,
though, is the fact that you can do more innovative designs on them than would
be possible on a t-shirt.

Here are a few cool design ideas you can use
to make awesome customized hoodies.

Use the

One cool way some people design their customized
hoodies is to add text or images to the sleeve. A short phrase or saying in a
serif font would look great there. Imagine, for example, a sports team putting
a tough phrase like, “No Retreat” on the left sleeve and “No
Surrender” on the right.

Use the

If you have a small logo or symbol that you’d
like to add to the design of your customized hoodies, why not put it on the
hood? Printing on hoods is pretty uncommon, so it’s sure to attract a lot of
approving attention.

Use Every
Part of the Hoodie For One Fluid Design.

Some innovative designers have even gone so
far as to use the entire hoodie as part of one fluid design to make almost a
mini costume. It takes a lot of imagination to be able to come up with such an
intricate design, but these customized hoodies are pretty amazing, to say the
least. To get an idea of what this might look like, check out some of the
customized hoodies that Marvel has come out with, that look like their
characters’ costumes.

Customized hoodies may cost a little more to
make, but it’s as the old adage goes: “You get what you pay for.” Not
only will people get more use out of them, but you’ll be able to make a much
more dynamic, exciting design on them than you would be able to on a t-shirt.