Custom Printed T-shirts have a made a few headlines in recent days here are a few of the highlights…..

While hackers are the nightmare of most, Microsoft found a team of them to Jailbreak the Windows Phone 7. They were successful at hacking in multiple ways and were awarded a great custom t-shirt for their contributions. The T-shirt read……… “I was the first to jailbreak Windows Phone 7, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”

When tragedy strikes nearly every screen printing company sees an opportunity. Some are original, other sell knock offs, some run t-shirt scams, and then some are just plain….. Well, not so bright. An eBay listing from custom t-shirt vendor who claims to donate money to the cause was hocking screen printed t-shirts that read “Together we Thrive, Tuscon and America”.

Thieves never seem to run out of ways to utilize t-shirts. Not only that, they can see a weapon in any ole thing. A fellow thief in Calgary chose to utilize a t-shirt as his disguise. His weapon? A snow brush!

Last and certainly not least, Suggs! Last week, he a made a bold statement with his custom printed t-shirt. During an interview he was fashioned in a T-Shirt that said “Hey Pittsburgh!” and displayed an image of a Raven and another famous bird that we have all seen. Since Suggs will be in the stands at this year’s Superbowl I hope he wears the shirt that day cause the Steelers may need that finger to put their ring on.

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