Family Reunion season is in full swing! Make sure your family looks their best! Create inexpensive custom designed t-shirts at Use these tips to help create and low cost custom designed t-shirt.
1) Location. Location. Location. When custom designing your t-shirt keep in mind that the more locations you print on the t-shirt the more your costs will increase.
2) It’s all in the name. Just like when shopping for anything brand plays a factor in the cost. Choosing a brand like Gildan over Hanes or American Apparel will save you money on your custom designed t-shirts.
3) K.I.S.S. Keep it simple ….. Custom printed t-shirts are priced by the amount of colors in your design. Therefore the more color you use the more expensive the final product will be. Also it is less expensive to place your custom design on a white t-shirt vice a colored t-shirt. Choosing the right color of shirt and ink for your custom printed t-shirt can have the greatest impact on your final t-shirt design.
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