Summer picnics are fun and even better when the whole family is coordinated in custom printed family reunion t-shirts but one grease drip from Uncle Joes special ribs can ruin your new custom t-shirt. Before you cut it up for rags attempt these quick fixes.

1. Dish detergent: Dab a bit on the stain, mix in a little water and allow to sit for half an hour. Throw your t-shirt it in the laundry with the rest of your clothes, and it should come right out.

2. WD-40: It’s not just for the squeaky door hinge, it can same your favorite custom designed t-shirt. After all, it’s made for degreasing tools. After it sits for awhile, you may have to use one of the other methods mentioned, but it will help release the deep stain and save your t-shirt.

3. Talcum powder and corn starch: Sprinkle them on the stained custom t-shirt, then leave them to sit for a few hours (or overnight). The next day, simply dump the powder in the garbage and chuck your family reunion t-shirt in the laundry.

4. Lysol: This one comes as a suggestion from a friend, but I’d only recommend it on white t-shirts or those where you can do a pre-test in a non-visible area. I’ve found Lysol to bleach clothes in the past. But if you spray the cleaner on the stain, it is rumored to get that stain right out and save your favorite t-shirt.