We are frequently asked if we can match or beat quotes from other custom t-shirt companies. Fortunately, we most often find that we don’t need match or beat. However, customers are sometimes left scratching their heads because they thought they had found a better deal for their custom designed t-shirts. When comparing custom t-shirt prices it is important to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. Here are some things to consider when comparing pricing on custom designed t-shirts.

Are There Additional Fees?
Some companies will charge set up or screen fees for custom designed t-shirt orders. At TheShirtPrinter.com we have all inclusive pricing. No additional fees for screens or set up!

Is The Printing Method Is The Same?
There are various ways the custom designed t-shirts can be printed. TheShirtPrinter.com uses screen printing and direct to garment printing techniques. We do not offer iron-on. Most often when a dramatic lower price is found on custom t-shirts it is because part or all of the printing is iron on. This is most commonly found when dealing with numbers for custom baseball t-shirts. Many companies will screen print the front but iron on the numbers. TheShirtPrinter.com uses only screen printed numbers.

Is The Brand & Type of Shirt the Same?
Make sure that the products being compared for your custom printed design are the same. There is a dramatic price difference when placing your custom design on an American Apparel Brand t-shirt vice a Gildan Brand t-shirt. In addition to the t-shirt brand compare the quality of the t-shirts. While both shirts may be Hanes Brand, one may be a 50-50 while the other is a 100% Cotton Beefy-T.

How Much Is Shipping and Handling?
With TheShirtPrinter.com regular ground shipping of your custom t-shirt order is always FREE!

While there are many factors that play into the pricing of custom designed t-shirts these are some of the common areas where we find customers may experience some confusion. We hope these you find these tid bits informative.