Making your own t-shirt doesn’t have to break the bank. Placing custom designs on t shirts can be very affordable. There are five basic elements to keep in mind when designing your own custom printed t-shirt.

  • Quantity: The more custom t-shirts you order the lower your cost per unit will be.
  • Product: They type and brand of t-shirt you choose will affect the cost of your custom design.
  • T-Shirt Color: Printing your custom design on colored t-shirts is more costly than printing your custom design on white t-shirts
  • T-Shirt Design: When printing more than 6 t-shirts the design it’s self plays a factor in pricing. The amount of colors in your custom design and the amount of locations the custom design is printed will affect the cost.
  • T-Shirt Size: Ordering your custom design on sizes greater than XL will increase the cost.

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