Gays have been bringing their custom printed t-shirts out of the closet in record numbers. Two big stores involving t-shirts have recently hit the news. A student at Colorado Springs High School was reprimanded for wearing a custom t-shirt shirt that said “Marriage is so gay”. The intent of the political t-shirt worn on Election Day was to support gay marriage. The high school principal ban the student from wearing her screen printed t-shirt. However after the school received a letter from the ACLU the student’s first amendment rights were reinstated and she can now proudly support her beliefs and wear her t-shirt every day if she likes. Thank You ACLU!
After a teacher in Oregon was fired because he responded to a student’s question about why he was single by saying the law didn’t allow him to marry a man a New York teacher showed support and marched off to his school in a bold t-shirt that read “OUT ….. and I’m not alone”. By the end of the day other teachers in the school were inquiring about where to purchase the printed t-shirts for themselves and his students responded positively. Bravo to Matt Tratner and his t-shirt for being brave enough to be a positive gay role model for his students and other teachers. More teachers like Matt would curtail gay bullying and show gay students that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
No matter what issue you want to bring out of the closet a custom printed t-shirt from is a great way to do it!!!