While surfing the web this week for any interesting custom t-shirt news I found several company’s offering shirts that send messages of
hate and/or ignorance.  It seems one of
the hot button topics this week is Kristen Stewart.  A little scandal and everyone in the custom
t-shirt world jumps in the line to try and turn a buck.   Tons of very clever shirts have flooded the
internet with extremely witty sayings like Kristen Sucks and F—K Kristen.   Understanding that t-shirts and custom
apparel is a competitive market I totally get it BUT, really?  Do these custom t-shirts actually sell?  I would consider myself a racy guy who likes
to push the envelope from time to time but just putting the work F—k or Suck on
something doesn’t make it cool or even edgy. 
It just shows lack of creativity! 
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