There was a
time when personalized T shirts only seemed to appear in sports contexts, but
those days are long gone. Today, cheap custom T shirt printing is widely
available, making it a favorite option for teams and organizations of all
kinds. Here are our five favorite uses for personalized T shirts.
1.    Charity Runs
Before stepping out to walk or run in memory or honor of a loved one, many race
participants make a call to their custom T shirt printer to order team shirts
that show their reason for running. By wearing the face or favorite quotation
from your inspiration for donating, you can not only motivate yourself, but
show your love and appreciation to spectators and other racers.
2.    Small Business Advertising
Billboards are expensive, and commercials aren’t cheap either. Custom made Tshirts, however, have a much higher ROI, especially when they’re worn not only
by your team, but by happy customers. Put your logo and information on T shirts
for wearable advertising that makes an appearance all over town!
3.    Trivia Night
Trivia nights have become popular in bars across the country, and there’s no
better way to show other teams who’s organized and ready than personalized T
shirts. A team logo on the front and a nickname on the back is all you need to put
your best face on your brightest friends.
4.    Family Vacations and Reunions
In case that family resemblance isn’t enough to let strangers know you’re a
unit, custom T shirts can be perfect for getting the message across. Whether
it’s for safety on a family trip to a crowded amusement park or for a little
reunion solidarity, custom shirts are a great way to let people know that you
come as a package.
5.    Class Bonding
Being a high school senior is an experience in and of itself, and there’s no
better way to show class pride than to order custom shirts. They don’t just
make great fundraising pieces, but they let students wear their school spirit

Personalized T shirts have plenty of great
uses, and we’re sure there are even more we haven’t thought of. Where else have
you seen custom shirts?