With spring just around the corner long sleeve t-shirts and hooded sweat shirts will soon be tucked away till fall and out will come the collections of classic t-shirts. Ever wonder where the t-shirt came from? Imagine life without? In addition to defending our freedom the United States Military can be credited with the evolution our favorite shirt. The Tunic, was as style of shirt designed by the Romans and later adopted and transformed by the European troops as an undergarment. During World War One, American Soldiers know as “doughboys” saw this light weight cotton shirt and by World War Two the T-Shirt became standard issue uniform for the United States Military. In 1948 the first printed t-shirts went into circulation as part of Thomas E. Dewey’s presidential campaign. The shirt now hangs in the Smithsonian Institute. A couple years following Dewey a character named Stanley Kowalski played by Marlin Brando spent a good deal of the film “A streetcar Named Desire” in his tee shirt. The image of the Brando became an icon in its own right and suddenly the young and restless had a style to call their own. Soon James Dean jumped on the bandwagon, sporting a leather jacket, jeans and tee shirt staring in “Rebel Without a Cause “. Posters of Dean in his white tee remain popular today. Then along came the sixties where Hippies abandoned traditional dress for tie-dye. Tee shirts were one of the easiest and cheapest forms of clothing to buy and dye. A decade later the t-shirt became a form of self expression and message emblazoned t-shirts blossomed. Personal viewpoints, philosophies, sexual messages, politics, advertising, and funny sayings could be found. Whatever the message, it was on a tee shirt. Today billions of custom t-shirts are printed and sold every year and TheShirtPrinter.com makes it easy for you to make your own t-shirt. Rather you are wanting to have family reunion t-shirts, spring break t-shirts, summer vacation t-shirts or baseball t-shirts TheShirtPrinter.com gives you complete control of your clothing. The Design Lab is equipped with an immense amount of artwork and fonts. Don’t like what we got? Upload your own! Have fun and Start Designing Now!!!