As the holiday season approaches MSN warns shoppers that they will see no price breaks on items containing cotton. That’s right there is no relief in sight for the price of cotton. Retailers say the average pair of jeans is increasing five to seven dollars and you will also see the pinch when stocking up on socks, t-shirts or purchasing new bedding. In a world where The Kardishians and Unicef are marketing t-shirts for thousands and Victoria’s Secret is peddling a 2.5 million dollar bra one would think these price increases are no big deal. We at see it differently. Cotton prices began to rapidly rise over a year ago and unlike the competition we have not raised our custom t-shirt prices. We understand that most are on a budget when purchasing custom t-shirts so we have done all we can to keep the prices low. Of course we will eventually need to implement a new pricing structure but for the time being we are keeping custom t-shirts cheap.