I don’t consider myself an expert on t-shirts but I am a coinsure of sorts and would consider my knowledge of t-shirts to be more vast than most. So, it surprises me when I learn something completely new about our cotton friend. T-shirt etiquette! Did you know there was such a thing? Other than not wearing one to church and not wearing a white t-shirt after labor day I had never heard of any. I recently stumbled upon a T-shirt etiquette guide for custom marathon t-shirts. If you go googling around you will find more guides of where and when to wear your custom printed t-shirts.
Apparently in the running and triathlete community there are individuals that will actually wear t-shirts to elevate their status among other athletes. Or, so it seems that way to those in that community. According to my readings that is as shameful as having your own trophy created for a race you never won. The first rule on the list of many is to never wear a marathon t-shirt for a run that you have not participated in. I like the term “participated in” because I did once participate in a 5k but stopped half way through for cocktails and lunch and never actually finished the race. So, according to this guide I’m still allowed to wear my t-shirt. I’m happy because it is one of my favorite Hanes Long Sleeve Beefy T’s and it gets lots of use in the winter. The full list of marathon t-shirt etiquette is quite long and brutal so make sure you take a good look at it before showing off your screen printed t-shirt.
The concert and band t-shirt etiquette guide is a bit more forgiving. They have a short list and only one big definite no no. One must never under any circumstance wear a Beatles, Bob Marley, or Jim Hendrix t-shirt unless they have actually been to one of the concerts. Why other greats such as Madonna, Liza and Barbara aren’t on this list I haven’t a clue but I’ll leave t-shirt rule making to the pros. Here at TheShirtPritner.com we don’t impose any rules or regulations on when and where you can show off your custom printed t-shirts. We think t-shirts should be worn all day every day. Vist our design lab now and create one of your own. I’m designing my own marathon shirt now…… It’s for the 10 step couch to refrigerator run. That’s one I can definitely win…… or at least complete!