Great Custom T-Shirt Idea!

A little creativity can go along when when designing your custom t-shirt.  These two artist utilized our Design Lab to create Trees of Text!  By using various fonts, curves, size and rotation the artists created some tree like objects utilizing only fonts!  The first artist used family names to create a great family reunion t-shirt while the second used the same concept to create a religious t-shirt.  Visit to design your screen printed t-shirt today!

Stupid Phone Calls

We encourage our customers to pick up the phone and call us if they are having troubles designing their custom t-shirt using our Design Lab, obtaining a quote via our Quick Quote, want more product information or just want to say hello and chat for a minute. We strive to have every customer hear our smile but some customers just make it easier than others.  Take these for example….

Example 1
TheShirtPrinter:  Hi Thank your for calling  How can we help you?

Caller:  Do you print t-shirts?

Example 2
TheShirtPrinter:  Hi Thank your for calling  How can we help you?

Caller:  Hi, I just placed an order and I made a mistake!  Can you help me?  Yes, is it that you spelled stupid wrong?

Caller: I did?!?!

I know, not a gut buster but almost funny enough to screen print on a t-shirt.  For all your custom apparel needs visit or feel free to give us a call!

Together Since Shirts Score Big

When the above customized t-shirt image started circulating the social media world orders started rolling in.  We’ve printed custom t-shirts, custom hoodies, and custom raglans for several couples.  Some go back as far as 1950 while others celebrated their high school homecoming with customized t-shirts proudly displaying Together Since 2011!  I know we should not poke fun cause that’s like totally forever in high school years…… OMG!!!!  Visit to create your own customized Together Since T-shirts.

Keep Calm and Customize Your Shirt

The Keep Calm and Carry On T-Shirts have become quite the phenomena.  Everyone is creating custom t-shirts with the Keep Calm theme.  Some of our local Hula Hoopers have done Keep Calm and Hoop while those frisky Italians decided they cannot keep calm!  Visit today and create your own Keep Calm T-Shirt.  Customizing t-shirts at is fun and easy.  If you need assistance at any point please feel free to reach out to us via the web, email or at or toll free number. Now Keep Calm and Start Designing!

Safety Shirt?

this hasn’t quite made a huge splash in the US but it’s all the rage in
China.  What is it?  It’s a custom printed t-shirt that gives the
illusion to passing cops that drivers are wearing their seat belts.  Clever! 
Why risk being safe when you don’t have to?  Personally I think the most marketable thing
about this custom printed t-shirt is that you will have a tourniquet handy
after your fly through the windshield.

Custom Designed T-Shirts for a Custom Designed Budget

Making your own t-shirt doesn’t have to break the bank. Placing custom designs on t shirts can be very affordable. There are five basic elements to keep in mind when designing your own custom printed t-shirt.

  • Quantity: The more custom t-shirts you order the lower your cost per unit will be.
  • Product: They type and brand of t-shirt you choose will affect the cost of your custom design.
  • T-Shirt Color: Printing your custom design on colored t-shirts is more costly than printing your custom design on white t-shirts
  • T-Shirt Design: When printing more than 6 t-shirts the design it’s self plays a factor in pricing. The amount of colors in your custom design and the amount of locations the custom design is printed will affect the cost.
  • T-Shirt Size: Ordering your custom design on sizes greater than XL will increase the cost.
If you are in need of assistance to make your custom printed t-shirt fit your budget please contact

Families Enjoy Leavenworth Tree Lighting with Screen Printed Scarves.

Several Navy families stationed in the Pacific Northwest joined the Navy MWR program for a tour to Leavenworth for their annual tree lighting. To promote the tour the Navy gave away these snazzy screen printed scarves to keep their patrons warm while enjoying the festival. Attendee Brandi Jones said “We thought the custom t-shirts we got for our last tour were nice but these screen printed scarves are dynamite!”
Visit for all your custom apparel needs.

Custom T-Shirts Are Less Expensive Than Jewelry!

 A t-shirt fad is sweeping through China and will without a doubt hit the rest of the world soon! Apparently by various reports and multiple photos surfacing on the web the young Chinese hipsters are showing their love for one another by wearing matching custom printed t-shirts! It’s sweet, nostalgic, and substantially less expensive than showing your love with diamonds. Get ahead of the game and make your own custom t-shirt today at

Custom Printed T-Shirts on a Budget

Often we find that many design custom t-shirts only to find that it won’t be cost effective for their budget. Here are a few tips that will help you make your own t shirt in the most cost effective manner possible.

Tip #1. Order your custom tee shirts in large volumes when possible. Printing custom t-shirts is like printing business cards, newspapers, or any variety of items, the cost is in the set up. As such, the higher the quantity of custom apparel ordered the lower the cost per unit becomes.

Tip #2. Look for a cotton mix product vs 100% cotton. The product chosen plays a factor in the price of custom apparel. Name brands, type of fabric and specialty items will drive the price up. Changing a product from a 100% cotton ringer tee to a 50-50 white tee will dramatically bring the cost down.

Tip #3. Be flexible on the colors of your custom tee shirts. Color of your custom t shirt also enters into the mix. Because color shirts require extra steps in the printing process you will find that it is less expensive to print custom t-shirts on white rather than color.

Tip #4. Be aware, the more elaborate and more locations of the t-shirt design, the higher the cost. When you make your own t shirt, your t-shirt design plays a big factor in the cost. How many colors and where you want it printed will determine how much you pay. Basically, the more colors and the more areas you print, on your custom t shirt the higher the cost. When you make your own t shirt the best rule of thumb for a cost effective custom t shirt is, one color and one side.

Tip #5. Stick with sizes less than XL Lastly, size plays a factor. You will find that custom tee shirts sizes above XL cost a bit more. Unfortunately the only thing one can do to change that is hit the gym!

Have a great day and remember when you make your own t shirt, Price = Quantity + Product + Color + Design + Size.

Custom Printed T-shirt makes one man a local celebrity

Old Fart is a term not taken so lightly by some of the elderly but Nick Pappas of Rehoboth Beach Delaware is so proud to be an Old Fart that he has fitted himself with an array of custom printed t-shirts that display the endearing term.
With a fart sounding button in hand Pappas can be found walking the boardwalk in his personalized t-shirt and custom hat that reads “Geezer Crossing” every afternoon.
“Children love the sound of the Fart Button” He says with a chuckle.
Living a longer healthier lifestyle is why the 80 year old started is walking routine several years back. He said it got boring really quick until he started utilizing his custom printed t-shirt to attract some conversation. Not only does the printed t-shirt attract conversation many stop him for a quick photo session. “My custom printed t-shirts make people laugh and smile” says Pappas.
“It all started with the custom printed t-shirt that read Old Fart from my daughter” claims Pappas. Now he is up to eight various custom printed t-shirts that are sure to bring a smile and chuckle from those who pass by.
Pappas’s daughter says that her father has always been the “pull my finger” kind of guy and says that over the years she has bought him many custom printed t-shirts that he and the whole family have enjoyed.
Pappas custom printed t-shirts have made him such a local celebrity that some have even begun dressing up like him for Halloween.
If you want to meet Nick Pappas he can be found rain or shine at around 3pm each day sporting one of his sassy custom printed t-shirts on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach Delaware!
Custom printed t-shirts are a great way to bring the lighthearted to life. Get yours today at