they’re custom team shirts, custom work shirts, or just custom tshirts for
daily wear, short sleeve t-shirts are major staples in the wardrobes of most
men. While there are plenty of unisex tshirts out there that are designed to
work for every body type, there are specific considerations of fit that should
be taken when you’re purchasing custom made t shirts for men. Here, we’ll look
at some of those important factors that make the difference between ill-fitting
unisex shirts and great looking custom made t shirts for men.

Depending on the type of fit, t shirts might
be made to consider just chest measurements, or both chest and waist
measurement. To ensure that a shirt fits perfectly everywhere, check chest,
waist, length, and sleeve measurements. Here are a couple methods for finding
your perfect size:
Measuring your body is easiest to do with the help of a friend or
family member. Use a fabric measuring tape to measure around your chest, waist,
and biceps while your arms are hanging at your sides. Keep the measuring tape firm,
without allowing it to droop. Though the temptation may be present, try not to
suck in your stomach.
Measuring a well-fitting shirt is another useful way to determine your shirt
size. Lay the shirt flat on a table and measure it across the chest, waist, and
sleeves, doubling the measurements to find the ideal circumference of your
custom made t shirts for men.
Sizing may
vary from brand to brand, but these t shirt sizes tend to correspond in most
DIMENSIONS: Adult: Body Width/ Body Length:
  • Small 18/ 28”
  • Medium 20/ 29”
  • Large 22/ 30”
  • X-Large 24/ 31”
  • XX-Large 26/ 32”
  • 3X-Large-28/ 33”
  • 4X-Large 30/ 34”

Fit Type
Custom made t shirts for men can also come in
a range of styles and cuts. Basic tees tend to measure the same from the chest
to the waist and are typically considered “unisex.” Fitted tees, also
known as slim, muscle, body-conscious, or European fit tees tend to follow the
contours of the male body more closely and narrow a little through the torso.
This tailored design looks neater, accentuates the upper body, and creates
greater ease in layering clothing.

It’s also important to note that different
fabrics fit the body differently. Blended or synthetic t-shirts with added
stretch have a tendency to cling to the body more than shirts made solely from
natural fibers. Pure cotton and other natural fabrics tend to drape across the
body and are also more prone to shrinkage, even if they are pre-shrunk.
Custom made t shirts for men should be ordered
not only with consideration for the screen printed design, but for fit. The
better you can understand your body’s shape and size, the better you’ll be able
to find t shirts that flatter it.