There is no better way to spend spring break then to hide your blubber and milky white skin under a comfortable plus size t-shirt while everyone else frolics around you having fun. At least that has always been my experience. So last year when one of my friends suggested we get our posse custom spring break t-shirts I was the first to throw down some cash. I thought a t-shirt explaining my slow metabolism and sensitive skin was a cool idea but I was quickly out voted for some snappy little saying about how hard we party. Like every other year my spring break began with a new year’s resolution to have a six pack by the time I board the plane. I was close to achieving my resolution but only had time to chug five before the final boarding call. However, all was not lost. While the group was working its way to the gate a cluster of girls took note from our custom t-shirts that we were all headed the to the same place. By the time we landed the t-shirts had caused two of my friends to find their spring break romances. I was only three friends away from sitting in the room (when it wasn’t “occupied”) formulating my new strategy for Dungeons and Dragons. Fortunately, it rained the first day so I was spared the “pleasure” of the beach. Instead we spent the morning strolling in and out of the rain and tacky tourist shops packed with t-shirts and seashell wind chimes. Somehow among all the clutter two more friends had managed to find their spring break bunnies. As me and the other lonely guy walked back to the hotel our custom t-shirts got some more attention. Unfortunately it was from a group of guys in greek t-shirts making some comments about the way my now very wet t-shirt fit my rather large pectoral area. I thought who cares what they say, there’s nothing wrong with being compared to Pamela Lee in a wet t-shirt. She’s a nice enough lady. People love her, right? We pressed on towards our hotel passing party after party and receiving many positive jokes and comments about our t shirts. Finally we were invited in to a party. They had everything; beer, food and chicks! Many of them were also refugees from the rain and were playfully sporting wet t-shirts. One got my eye right away. She had long red hair that framed the face of a porcelain doll, laid across her gallant shoulders and onto her colossal chest. Just physically we had so much in common. I wanted to say hello but as usual my nerves go the best of me so I buried my face in a bowl of potato chips. As the bowl was about ½ gone I notice her walking toward me with one hand behind her back. Oh no, what do I do? Does she want the chips? Is she coming to spit on me? Ask me my bra size? Oh no… munch much…. She’s coming closer …… crunch crunch…… oh God! What’s behind her back? Was she dared to throw bacon grease on me? I close my eyes hoping it will all go away when I hear the voice of an angel ask “so do you party as hard as your t shirt says?”. I open my eyes to see her and a bottle of tequila. Whew, I was so relieved when Bethanie introduced herself and served me up a shot! Turns out we had a ton in common and we had both ordered from Later that night we parted ways but before doing so we traded our custom apparel as mementos. My custom t-shirt got me her custom thong. Thanks TheShirtPrinter!

Oh and one t-shirt tip. This video is a must see for any spring breaker taking off their t-shirts.