If you’ve never
considered the benefits of cheap custom shirts, then you should know that the
Printers National Environmental Assistance Center stated that “screen
printing is arguably the most versatile of all printing processes.” Screen
printing is a technique that uses a woven mesh, stretched to fit over a frame,
to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive an image. The printed surface is
often referred to as the pallet, and pallet tape is used to secure it. It’s
essentially the process of using the stencil to apply ink on to a material to
create cheap custom shirts, posters, stickers, vinyls, wooden items or other
Screen printed clothes,
like cheap custom shirts or custom sweatshirts, make easy, simple uniforms that
are great to let customers identify a business’s employees. These cheap custom
shirts are great not only for employees, but also for sports teams and
fundraisers. If you’re going to create custom design t-shirts for a fundraiser,
here’s a few great shirt printing design ideas!

“Keep Calm &
The “Keep Calm
& Carry On” were morale boosters used by the British government in
1939 before the Second World War, and have come back into vogue lately. Many TV
shows, movies, and businesses have appropriated the slogan to help promote
themselves, so why not have cheap custom shirts with the phrase to help raise
money for your own fundraiser?

“(Active Verb) for
It’s a simple formula
that effectively delivers a clear message. Many different, popular campaigns
put this to use. For example, “Walk For Cancer” could be used for a
walkathon that helps raise money for cancer awareness. Whatever your
fundraising event is, it can be boiled down to one, simple, active verb.

“Team (Blank)”
People enjoy pop culture
references, especially when they’re on cheap custom shirts. The “Team
(Blank)” spread after the fans of Twilight used it to identify
who their favorite character was. It has since been appropriated to show
support of other people and causes. One recent shirt that put this design to
use was “Team Snowden” to show support over the NSA controversy.
If you have any questions
about how to create custom t shirts cheap, or other fundraiser ideas, feel free
to ask in the comments!