The Internet works in fascinating ways. In this particular situation it has connected the only two people in the world who dislike t-shirts. Read what LT Melbourne and Businesses Advice Columnist, Aunty B, have to say about the world’s favourite garment, the t-shirt.

Dear Aunty B,
Thanks for yesterday’s update on men’s fashion. My problem is not about how I dress but how my staff dresses! I have a couple of young blokes who wear printed t-shirts in the office and sometimes even tank tops. One wore a beer tank top the other day! When I asked him where he got it in a rather pointed way he happily told me Phuket. The t-shirters work in IT, work long hours and rarely leave the office (I don’t know where they sleep). But we have a lot of people who come and visit the office and we try to steer them past the grots in a hurry. I told them to smarten up but all they did was go out and buy new t-shirts.
Then I hit on it. If I banned t-shirts in the office, they would be forced to smarten up! Can I do that?

Dear LT,
Ban them from the office? Listen mate. I am appointing you CEO of the Human Race so you could ban custom printed t-shirts from the entire Planet Earth. What an awful garment the t-shirt is: an unattractive piece of fabric that stretches across the middle – and the back – in the most unflattering way, shouting to all and sundry, look at me, I don’t give two hoots how I look and what you think! I make one concession: t-shirts can look great on anyone under 18… at a pinch 19. But I doubt you are employing them in the office. So do us all a favour. Ban them, ban them, ban them!
Good luck!
Your Aunty B

Dear LT and Aunty B,
WHAT?? Seriously, who despises the custom t-shirt to the extreme of banning it? I think a better solution for these “grots”, who work long and obviously unappreciated hours, would be to provide them with a custom printed uniform. If your employees are producing why “force” them to “smarten up”? Placing a ban on their custom printed t-shirts is only going to cause turmoil in the work place and lead to a less productivity. If leadership would “smarten up” they would realize that sometimes it’s better to join them then try to beat them. It seems the real issue is the perception of your visitors. With that in mind, the option of custom printed t-shirts with your company logo would be great. If t-shirts are just too “awful” of a garment there are also custom printed polo’s that offer style and comfort. The decision could be made to let those slags in the IT department wear what they want but provide them a cover up in the form of a custom printed Hoodie or printed jackets to wear when visitors are present. Lastly, you can just move them down to the basement with the janitors and grounds keepers. Comfort is important and it’s rare that one cannot find it in a t-shirt. My guess is if the two of you have tried one it probably had too much starch on it. Loosen Up! And, visit for all your custom printed t-shirt needs.

Uncle T-shirt