Cotton, what a great fabric! We slip it on in the morning, dry off with it after a shower, snuggle in it throughout our slumber and dry our tears with it. It truly is the fabric of life! Sadly, the fabric of life, much like life itself, is going to start to cost more.
Flooding has caused a poor harvest in China and Pakistan. The Hurricane in Haiti took several facilities that manufacture items such as T-shirts, Hoodies, sweat pants, polos, and many other garments we have grown to love. End retailers such as those who create custom printed t-shirts are starting to feel the pinch as cotton prices soar.
Cotton prices have just hit $1.19 per pound — the highest level since the New York Cotton Exchange started keeping records in 1870. While we are working to not raise our custom t-shirt prices this is probably not the standard industry wide. So, if you are scratching your head about what to get others for Christmas take a look in their linen closet. You could be saving them some money by replacing sheets, towels, etc before the prices increase.
While many are planning to pass this cost onto the end consumer, YOU! is finding other ways to “trim the fat” so we can keep the cost of our custom printed t-shirts low. In the past year we have seen an 8 percent increase on t-shirts and up to 16 percent on items such as hoodies, long sleeve t-shirts and sweat pants. It is inevitable to avoid ever raising the price of screen printed t-shirts but for the time being we are striving to keep our t-shirt prices low. Why? Cause we give a shirt about you!