A tribute to man’s best friend…… The T-Shirt!

T-shirt o T-shirt, every year with the first winter storm
You extend your sleeves to help keep me warm.

T-shirt o T-shirt you’ve always loved me for who I am,
Even as I grow larger and stretch you as far as I can.

T-shirt o T-shirt, you’re a reflection of my soul,
You allow me to express myself and that makes me feel cool.

T-shirt o T-shirt, remember protesting and going to jail?
I had to change you to orange cause I had no bail.

T-SHIRT o T-SHIRT our team is in the lead
I’m going to tear you off, waive you around and show everyone what colors I bleed.

T-shirt o T-shirt remember rocking out on the scene?
Back stage with The Stones, The Beatles, and Queen!

T-shirt o T-shirt you will always be en vogue
And I will take you with me down every road.

T-shirt o T-shirt, simply put you are the bomb!
I think ill Design another at TheShirtPritner.com