This is every day for those of us here at but not everyone is so lucky. So a BBC Radio station, bbc6music, has declared Friday December 4th as Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt to work day. Though this t-shirt holiday is more of a hallmark holiday we think it should be celebrated by all. Many companies have scaled back their uniform policy and incorporated casual Friday dress codes. This idea is a great way to add some zest to a boring Friday at the office. Why stop with band t-shirts? Enhance spirits around the office with Themed T-shirt Fridays such as your favorite high school t-shirt or your old Greek t-shirt day. Show off your favorite team with football t-shirts or get everyone laughing by hosting a funny t-shirt day. Come spring make sure to include a baseball t-shirt day and with Christmas right around the corner a religious t-shirt day may be appropriate for your office. Whatever the theme you can be sure that all will be happy to ditch the neck ties for a comfortable custom t-shirt.
Don’t have just the right t-shirt for the day? Stop by the Design Lab at Our new minimum is one shirt. Not only a good idea for the office but also a great Christmas gift for under $20.00!