Rota MWR Child & Youth Programs Dressed for Sucess in thier Custom Aprons

“We received the custom polo shirts and aprons yesterday, I love them!!!!!! We are having a major inspection next week and , our staff looks sharp!!!!! Thanks for all your help!!!!”

~Rota MWR–

Thanks for the great feedback! Best of luck with that inspection! Please keep us in mind for all your custom apparel needs!!!

Byrd / Wiley Family Shows Pride with Custom Family Reunion T-Shirts

“Just wanted to say thank you again! This was the 1st Family Reunion my family has ever had and after that weekend, it was worth me putting in the time to finding everyone and bringing the family together. You are part of our history.”

The Byrd Family ~ Saint Louis, Missouri
Thank You Antonio! We love doing Family Reunion T-Shirts. It’s great know your family enjoyed their reunion and all your efforts in bringing them together.

How to make Custom Apparel fit any Budget

Often we find that many design custom t-shirts only to find that it won’t be cost effective for their budget. Here are a few tips that will help you make your own t shirt in the most cost effective manner possible.

Tip #1. Order your custom tee shirts in large volumes when possible. Printing custom t-shirts is like printing business cards, newspapers, or any variety of items, the cost is in the set up. As such, the higher the quantity of custom apparel ordered the lower the cost per unit becomes.

Tip #2. Look for a cotton mix product vs 100% cotton. The product chosen plays a factor in the price of custom apparel. Name brands, type of fabric and specialty items will drive the price up. Changing a product from a 100% cotton ringer tee to a 50-50 white tee will dramatically bring the cost down.

Tip #3. Be flexible on the colors of your custom tee shirts. Color of your custom t shirt also enters into the mix. Because color shirts require extra steps in the printing process you will find that it is less expensive to print custom t-shirts on white rather than color.

Tip #4. Be aware, the more elaborate and more locations of the t-shirt design, the higher the cost. When you make your own t shirt, your t-shirt design plays a big factor in the cost. How many colors and where you want it printed will determine how much you pay. Basically, the more colors and the more areas you print, on your custom t shirt the higher the cost. When you make your own t shirt the best rule of thumb for a cost effective custom t shirt is, one color and one side.

Tip #5. Stick with sizes less than XL Lastly, size plays a factor. You will find that custom tee shirts sizes above XL cost a bit more. Unfortunately the only thing one can do to change that is hit the gym!

Have a great day and remember when you make your own t shirt, Price = Quantity + Product + Color + Design + Size.

Girl Scout Junior Troop 705 looks great in their Custom T-Shirts from

Troop Leader 705 said “The girls LOVE the shirts…the colors and designs!!! Other Girl Scout leaders asked me where we made our shirts and I referred you!!! My High School son wears the free advertising shirt you sent to school all the time!!!”

Thanks Genea! Glad to hear you like the Lady Raglan T-shirts. By the way, we will work for cookies 🙂

T-Shirt Design Idea from Brenda gets awarded Best Dressed Team at the MS Walk 2008.

Brenda’s MS Strollers took on the MS Society’s new orange look and made their own t shirt. The t-shirt design was fabulous and the orange hat and MS crocs that team captain Brenda wore were a great touch. Congratulations Brenda! We are glad was able to help!

Guiness World Record for most t-shirts worn at one time

Although this is old news I think it is still worth discussing. Matt Mcallister, a radio personality, entered into the Guiness Book by wearing 155 t-shirts at the same time. This video left me in awe and with an endless list of questions. Then a new record holder arrived on the scene. Pierre Pag from Montreal showed us in his video that he is the true champ with 160 custom t-shirts stretched onto his body. These stunts encouraged another individual to attempt breaking the world record for the most socks on one foot. Where did these competions origionate? I am assuming in a very cold climate. Nonetheless we find them entertaining and are eagerly awaiting the next t-shirt champ!

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Welcome to Blog!

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