A few major retailers have been put in the spot light for marketing screen printed t-shirts with what many are claiming to be sexist messages. JC Penny’s has a printed t-shirt stating “I’m too pretty to do homework, so my brother does it for me.” On down the mall corridor shoppers are snubbing Forever 21 for their screen printed t-shirts that have messages like “Allergic to Algebra” and “Skool Sucks”. Out the mall and around the corner Old Navy is being criticized for having their printed t-shirts without proper grammar. They seem to have forgotten an apostrophe in the phrase Let’s Go. All this on-line chatter and news coverage has prompted several to do on-line polls about rather the t-shirts are offensive and sexist or if critics are just over reacting. All of the polls I viewed were strongly leaning towards the over reacting side. For those who oppose I would like to offer you a solution, TheShirtPriter.com, a place where you have complete control over your custom apparel. TheShirtPrinter.com allows you to customize your t-shirt to say what you want! Its so easy even a girl can do it! Just Kidding!!!! Thanks for reading, now get busy designing your custom printed t-shirt at TheShirtPrinter.com