It’s commonly known that Willie Nelson is a supporter of marijuana. So it would stand to reason that many attending his concerts might also partake in Aunt Mary’s gift. Why then would one concert attendee be asked to remove her custom t-shirt displaying an herbal friendly message? Apparently, no one has the answer to this question.
When Nebraska State Fair Executive Director Joseph McDermott was asked why state troopers demanded a woman to remove her custom t-shirt saying “Don’t Panic It’s Organic” he sighted “fair policy”. Apparently, the Nebraska State Fair Policy disallows “anything Illegal” on state fairgrounds. Not sure how they find this t-shirt illegal and not find it illegal that Mr. Nelson was singing “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die”, selling screen printed t-shirts with pot leaves on them, OR that various people in the audience were reportedly partaking during the concert.
Seems the only thing illegal was that these State Troopers striped this woman of her freedom of speech. The women submitted to Police by changing into a custom printed t-shirt supporting the Nebraska State Lottery. Apparently the states system of legalized gambling is far less damaging than weed.
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