There are plenty of ways to create a custom t shirt,
hoodie, tank top, or sweatshirt. Shirt printing is fairly simple, whether the
technique used is airbrushing, iron on transfer, direct printing, or screen
printing. However, one of those methods has already begun to distinguish itself
as the ultimate choice for printing customized hoodies, t shirts, sweatshirts,
and tank tops.
Screen printing is a technique that uses a piece of mesh
stretched over a frame to support an ink-blocking stencil. The attached stencil
leaves certain parts of that mesh screen open so that ink can be pressed
through it onto a piece of fabric. Though photographic images can be printed
easily onto customized hoodies, shirts, and more by direct-to-garment ink jet
printers, such a process doesn’t achieve the quality that comes from screen
What makes screen printing the right choice?
Though direct-to-garment ink jet printers transfer images
onto garments easily, they also provide muted color and images that deteriorate
quickly. Screen printing, on the other hand, reproduces images in true-to-life
colors that last for years. It is also more cost effective to screen print
large quantities of customized hoodies and customized t shirts than to utilize
other printing methods for large lots of customized shirts.
How can I choose a quality screen printer
In truth, screen printing isn’t a very complex process.
However, it is best executed by someone with careful attention to detail and
thorough knowledge of serigraphy. Each shop will put a different level of
emphasis on each part of the process, but premium quality can only come from
screen printers who are knowledgeable about and committed to their art. Decide
whether you’re more interested in average service and quality for a low price
or great service and premium quality for a slightly higher price, and make your
decisions based on that information. If possible, ask for recommendations from
friends, and be sure to look online for reviews of the printers you’re
considering. Once you have a short list, it may be wise to ask to view some
samples of work from the printers you’re considering.

Customized hoodies, shirts, and other apparel are great
ways to show team spirit or identify members of an organization. If you’re
serious about making sure your group, team, or organization looks put-together
and professional, finding a quality screen printer should be the first thing on
your to-do list.