The first step is to generate ideas for T shirts
appropriate to their use.
  *   Commemorating An Event
If you are creating T shirts for a bachelor or
bachelorette party, or for a company team participating in a race, then your
main goal is to design a T shirt that stands out. Try to be clever. If this
shirt is for a company, then look for ways to play off of your company name,
logo, products, or services. If this shirt is for individuals, a popular but
relevant movie quote, a unique design, or even a picture of the person might be
  *   Sports Teams
With a sports team there are special considerations, as
you want the shirts or jerseys to look as professional and uniform as possible.
There is not a great deal of room for creativity in designing a sports jersey,
so you will mostly be concerned with the use of colors, the layout of the team
name and numbers, and placement of any logos or pictures that represent your
team or mascot. To get design ideas, look at other examples and pick and choose
the elements that you like best.
  *   Simple Identification
Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, school group, camps, or a
large family on vacation at an amusement park will want shirts that really
stand out. You might have custom shirts made for brand awareness, or as
uniforms for your place of business. In either case, choose a color that is
bright and easy to spot, or one that is appropriate to the company logo and
brand. Keep text to a minimum, and avoid the use of any detailed pictures or
The second step is to determine who will create the
design, and how it will be translated to your cheap custom made T shirts or
If a logo, design, or picture needs to be created from
scratch, here are several ideas to help you get that accomplished.
  1.  Hold a contest.
  1.  Enlist the help of a local artist.
  1.  Hire a professional designer.
  1.  Find someone in the group or company with
artistic talents.
Online shirt design is a fairly simple process, and can
be the highlight of any online contest. Some printing companies will even
provide templates, clip art, and other tools so that even someone with modest
creative abilities can design a shirt.
The third and final step is to send your designs off to a
shirt printing service.

Your custom made shirts will likely be printed through a
screen printing process, which was first developed sometime between 960 and
1279 CE in the Song Dynasty. Mesh and ink blocks allow for logos, images, and
text to be transmitted to almost any kind of fabric. Remember these tips for
finding inspiration and creating your T shirt design, and thanks to modern
screen printing and digital technologies you will have those custom T shirts or
sweatshirts in no time at all.