The surge of popularity that the bowling community has
experienced in the last 10 years has been remarkable. Today, more than 100
million bowlers play in over 90 countries. That’s more than almost any other
sport, with the exception of soccer. It’s not just the cool custom bowlingshirts that are drawing players to join their local bowling leagues. It’s also
the fun, the camaraderie, and the chance to win cash. Bowling leagues are
popping up all over the country, and they’re easier to join than you may think.
Here are some tips to starting your own team in a bowling league.
1.    Review the
league information to determine what size your team should be. Generally, most
leagues require four- or five-person teams. Also, find out how much each player
will have to pay in order to participate. If you’re planning on ordering
customized shirts or bags, don’t forget to include the relevant costs in the
dues of each player. It might be worth looking for a local business to sponsor
your team.
2.    Decide
whether you’re more interested in fun or competition, and then talk to
potential teammates. Use their bowling averages to evaluate their skill levels,
or if they don’t have established averages, set an entry average that new
player must carry in order to stay on the team.
3.    Find a way to
set your team apart. Custom bowling shirts are popular options, and they can be
ordered from cheap custom shirt printing companies. Your most cost effective
option for custom design shirts is screen printing, which involves the use of
woven polyester mesh and ink blocks to transfer images neatly onto fabric.
Design a logo for your custom bowling shirts and send them off to a screen
printer — to help identify and unify your team.
4.    Organize your
line-up. Have regular players as well as two or three substitute bowlers, just
in case a regular player is unavailable. Set up an order for your team as well.
Put your best bowler last, as the “anchor,” because he or she will
likely perform well under pressure. It’s also a good idea to put a very steady
bowler in the first position so that he or she can set the pace for your team.
A couple of extra tips:
*  It might be to
your advantage to have one low-average bowler. He or she is likely to be able
to get a few good shots, giving your team an advantage.
*  Having players
with similar averages pushes each team member to excel.
*  Make sure your
team members know their financial responsibilities to the team. League dues,
custom bowling shirts, and any additional accessories should be paid for before
the first game.
Joining a bowling league can be plenty of fun.
Enjoy your team members’ company, have a good time meeting other bowlers, and
practice your skills. If you win a little money or take home the trophy at the
end of the season, so much the better!